Warp cell Factory


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I proudly Present the Wydee-Design warp cell factory!

The warp cell factory can produce 188 warp cells a day without any talents and goes up to 240.

Put the ores on the input HUb on the control room at the entry of the factory and everything is being produced for you without any action to do.

Everything is well designed inside and organized in a very clear industrial layout. We bring to you lean and visual management.

Production behavior:
- There is enough container storage to handle a complete week production
- The consumption for a week is the following:
- Bauxite ~48k
- Hematite ~24k
- Coal ~63k
- Quartz ~91k
- Malachite ~18k
- Limestone ~35k
- Natron ~14k
- Pyrite ~12k
- Petalite 2.6k
- Acanthite ~14k

The required schematics to make this run for a WEEK are the following:
- Pure product schematics P2: ~1170
- Pure product schematics P3: ~ 500
- Product schematics P1: ~1750
- Product schematics P2: ~350
- Product schematics P3: ~ 210
- Warp cell schematics: ~ 1400

All those numbers are the minimum required (with a buffer included) to make the factory running for a week with:
- no talents on speed increase for production
- talents lvl 5 pure P1
- talents lvl 3/4 pure P2
- talents lvl 3/4 pure P3
- talents lvl 1/4 on basic products (polycarbonate / polycalcite / polysuflide / alloys (Al-Fe, Cu-Ca-Cu-Ag / Glass (basic, advanced, Ag-Li)

If your talents are a bit high than this increase the capacity to make a full run for a week by 10%.

Those numbers are mentionned on the screens inside the entry hall where the materials must be inserted in front of each Hubs and maintain rules are also mentionned.

To deploy the factory the entrance is in front of you when you deploy it.

For BP come to see me on Haven @ ::pos{2,27,27.7968,346.8901,40.2505}
or contact me on discord JamesWydee (james78650)#9448

Token are not available for now: depending on the demand I will organize myself for make those available when my talents are going to be updated to LVL 5 (in one month would be available).

Come to see the factory by VR @ Wydee_ShowRoom

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