Brute S-core Freighter


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The Brute S-core freighter is designed for short solo/duo mining trips and mid-range missions. It has a detailed interior, a shapely exterior with lots of personality, and unique capabilities.

The tandem atmo engines design allows for superior cross-section to thrust ratios, making the Brute capable of higher than typical max speed in atmo. With good piloting talents(lvl 4 all, including atmo engine altitude efficiency) the tier 2 military version can cruise at nearly 1500kmh. This feature also gives the ship a great cargo potential to price ratio. Quanta to kilogram, it's one of the strongest S-core haulers on the market. However, achieving the max potential requires a knowledgeable pilot who knows how to establish good escape momentum. Designer testing has achieved 1g escape with 2kt of cargo.

Internal cargo capacity is 420kL(4M + 3S containers), with designated external attach points for three additional L containers, allowing expansion up to 996kL for carrying high-volume, low-mass loads such as bauxite. Atmo cargo lift is about 3kt max.

CARGO CAPABILITIES (1g max escape cargo mass):
Basic engines, lvl 0 pilot talents: ~700t
Basic engines, lvl 3 pilot talents: ~1200t
Basic engines, lvl 4 pilot talents: ~1500t
T2 Military engines, lvl 4 pilot talents: ~2000t
T2 Military engines, lvl 5 pilot talents: ~2500t
All values are for the mass of your cargo as displayed in the inventory window. Since I have level 5 container optimization, which lowers the mass of your cargo by -25%, you're actually carrying 33% more mass than the above numbers indicate. These are also conservative values; one brute owner has escaped Alioth with 3800t of cargo - 4300t total ship mass.

Message @Tobi-wan Kenobi#2452 on discord for purchase of a tokenized ship.
Or join DU Creators discord and scroll down to the creator channel 'arise-astronautics' -

PRICES: (regularly fluctuating based on ore costs)
Token - T2 military atmos/maneuver space engines: 18M (this model best for long haul missions)
Token - T2 military atmos/military spaces : 18M
Token - basic engines: 12M
Single-use BP - 4M
All models have a warp drive.

To view a Brute in person, enter a VR surrogate pod and search for "Arise Astronautics".



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1 month ago


Everyone should have their own Brute. Not kidding. Its so reliable, so dynamic and so damn perfect in every way.
I bought a 40M ship after buying this, and finished 3 other ships with friends, and nothing is as all rounder and good as this one. Thanks Tobiwan for making this amazing ship.

2 months ago | Edited 2 months ago


Amazing ship, very fast delivery. Super happy. :) Highly recommended seller.

3 months ago


What a fantastic ship; 2nd purchase from TobiwanKenobi, and not my last. Outstanding service and one hell of fast delivery! Ship was delivered to my doorstep within 5 minutes of contact; it was rather cinematic and awesome to see this thing appear in the sky, barreling down on my position, coming in HOT! TobiwanKenobi pulled it out of it's steep dive, and did a rather quick and low circular pass around my factory floor before delicately setting it down beside the Squire I picked up a couple weeks back. It was EPIC!

TL:DR - Great product, showmanship, attention to detail and a prompt delivery with bonus impromptu airshow?? Shut up and take my quanta!

4 months ago


Still my favourite! In the meantime I did add 6x Airbrakes L more underneath cause with 3 L containers on top and 25% loaded the braking power is difficult. Maybe I will try more improvment when I have more experience handling this cool ship

4 months ago


Voila deuxième achat et toujours aussi satisfait. Une tuerie ce vaisseau. Encore Merci Tobi

4 months ago | Edited 4 months ago


This are one of the best ships in game. The brute is my second one from Tobi. Swift delivery, comes with instruction and ready to fly. Still considering the third option!!

4 months ago


It took me a few hours to assemble this beast from the BP. Since two days i really enjoy the industrial beauty of this ship. The navigation in the ship is very well tought, no obsctruction, rapid access in any direction, everything is at hand for the daily tasks of a miner / freighter.
This ship is very comfortable and fly like a dream, even for the poor pilot i am. And it's a beast, even overloaded with ore.
Summerized with three words: Strong, reliable and beautiful.
Now, with enthousiasm, i begin the second step: assembling Tobi's Lightskipper.
Oh ! A the last but important word: Tobiwan is a gentleman, very nice and very responsive.

5 months ago


Don't know where else to brag about this, but I just left Alioth with 2.5kt cargo in a brute. (3.1kt total ship mass) Don't try this at home. It took me 10 mins to get the proper escape attempt, and I have all level 4 pilot talents, including the altitude efficiency ones.

5 months ago


I too have all three by Tobi and all are great ships and daily drivers. Keep up the great work and top quality. Looking forward to what you cook up next ;-)

5 months ago


I love it. I now have all 3 ships by Tobi. He is a master craftsman. My org team mates are jealous.

5 months ago


Great ship , like Ive come to expect from Tobi'

6 months ago


One of the things I like about TobiwanKenobi's ships is that they look like they belong in Dual Universe. The Brute is a great value and its capabilities far exceed my own efforts to build an interplanetary hauler. This ship has more features not listed here. Worth taking a look.

6 months ago


Buyed the Brute BP this morning, takes some time to build but it was completely worth it.
Very detailed ship, great looking and amazing flight capacity :Worth every quantas.
TobiwanKenobi is a great builder as well as a true communicant, thank you for your time !

7 months ago


Amazing Ship! Amazing Builder! Buy one today! I love mine!

7 months ago


What a great ship. It sounds cliche, but this one is actually a pleasure to fly. Love it so much I bought a second one so I won’t have to share with my org partner! Can’t wait to see what Mr. Kenobi gives us next.

7 months ago


Love this ship. It's become my go to for small to medium mining runs. Flys amazing. Tobi-wan Kenobi was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend this ship if your looking for a s core hauler.

7 months ago


Wonderful ship. It is a Brute!. Tossed 2 extra L
s on top, flew to market, handled well. It is heavy, that took some getting used to, but is a pleasure to fly.

7 months ago


ship is amazing, seller is very helpful even to a noob like me, came with full tanks, he even sorted out a few issues i had after buying, so aftersales support is also fantastic, I would definitely recommend. keep up the good work man, have also purchased his lightskipper model for hopping around the place when i don't need hauler, build quality is fantastic on that also.

7 months ago


Bought it. Love it.

8 months ago

[RMS] Emeraven

I get asked often what is a good Hauler to buy, especially for first time players who want to get serious. I point to this one every time. It's stable, highly detailed and can carry some serious loads. It is a joy to fly and about the best mid size hauler I have come across. A sure buy.

8 months ago


Great ships! The seller is very nice and delivers you with a full tank of fuel, it is not at all the sellers that we see that !!
I loaded this ship with 800T of ore + 2 scanners of territory + 1 parasitic rescue ship of 20T and no worries in atmosphere whatsoever to take off or land.
No worries to put a rescue vessel anchored on it, it holds up well and does not move, something that is a problem with other manufacturers!
To leave Alioth I tested with 1300T and full tanks and no worries we can put some more I'm sure and I have all my talent at level 4.
The interior and exterior are very well detailed and the vessel has a container in the cockpit to store scraps and reserve fuel.
For piloting we have several very useful scripts including the gunner post and other functional hud but also the automatic takeoff and landing which are really a plus especially when we are well loaded.
I can't wait to see what this builder will offer us next.

8 months ago


Love, Love, Love this thing! Tobiwan has really knocked it out of the park with this one. Definitely the best maneuvering and stylish 2 large container warp freighter out there right now. Looking forward to what he comes up with next!

8 months ago


Plenty of power and great adjustor placement makes maneuvering easy, and point to point flights in atmo are a breeze with the high lift and auto pilot. Sip fuel while cruising along much quicker than you'd think a ship with this cross section would (ty ailerons? Ailerons ftw?) Styling is fantastic, interior is great, very realistic. Greatly improved my gameplay having such an immersive ship! The craftsmanship must be noted as well, as the attention to detail and skill exhibited is top notch. Personally the coloring is perfect, and there's just enough empty space inside to add a couple cabins or whatever you'd like (although I stopped myself after obscuring a bit of the beautiful work already done). As a solo player its all I need, and I bet it'd be great for duos or small orgs. Fairly inexpensive, highly highly recommended!

8 months ago


as a proud owner of one of these ships..first of all I would just like to say the pictures do not do this ship any justice
next time you go to a market just spend a few minutes in VR and have a look around one,
it's a very economical well balanced ship

9 months ago


When its time to roll up your sleeve grab your mining tool and look that MegaNode dead in the face and yell, You Shall NOT Pass, its Big Brute standing behind you to back you up. Brute is not about the shiny things Brute about getting shit done.! The Hard way.

9 months ago | Edited 9 months ago


Handles a lot more than that. Pile that ore in! Most I've ever escaped atmo with was 1.25Kt - 250KL of iron ore. That was in the basic version and I had lvl 4 pilot skills. Pretty sure the military version could get out with 1.5Kt. Now, reentering with that amount into 1g without crashing? You better know what you're doing.

9 months ago | Edited 9 months ago


Great ship. Gets out of atmo fast and handles 500T with no issues. Highly recommended.

9 months ago


I am interested in buying this ship. toofses#3378 on discord, Gillimus in game. Thanks.

9 months ago


havent flied yet but i do love that ship :D excellent design :)

10 months ago


If you are looking for some BRUTE force this ship has it! Purchased today and delivered super fast was super excited to fuel up and embark on first journey and been amazed at how it flies. My newest choice for quick mining runs!

10 months ago | Edited 10 months ago


I may be interested

Tobi-wan Kenobi#2452
Arise Astronautics - Alioth ::pos{0,2,18.7382,104.3451,1258.5342}


Dry Weight:

494 t

Cargo Space:

420 kL


Cargo Lift:

2,000 t

Max Speed:

1,400 km/h

Atmo Hover:

20 MN

Sustentation Speed:

225 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

25 MN

Atmo Brake:

136 MN

Wing Lift:

44 MN

Atmo Fuel:

16,000 kL


Space Thrust:

30 MN

Space Brake:

54 MN

Space Hover:

26 MN

Space Fuel:

12,800 kL

  • Core
    • S

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Token

  • Role
    • Hauler

  • Features
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp