Lightskipper Courier


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The Lightskipper Courier is a warp shuttle designed to get you and a handful of cargo anywhere fast. It has strong space acceleration to get to warp range quickly, cruises in atmo at >1000kph, and has minimal ship weight for cost-efficient warping.

With a narrow cross section it can fit into small shuttle bays, dock easily to larger ships, and reenter atmosphere at up to 1800km/h without taking damage.

Perfect for schematic retrieval, small market runs, and as a backup for rescuing crashed vessels.
Warp costs (at 70t, fully fueled, with 30 cells and some scrap in the cargo):
8 cells - 500su | Alioth --> Lacobus, Ion, Teoma, Jago
7 cells - 450su | Alioth --> Sinnen, Symeon
6 cells - 400su | Alioth --> Sicari
5 cells - 350su | Alioth --> Feli
4 cells - 300su | Alioth --> Talemai
2 cells - 150su | Alioth --> Thades, Madis

FOR PURCHASE OF A TOKEN OR BP, contact @Tobi-wan Kenobi#2452 on discord, or on my DUC
discord channel:

Ship will be sold with Lua DRM removed. Request any color changes at no extra cost. The entire outer hull of the vessel can be repainted, divided into four sections. You will also be able to easily repaint it yourself using a BP tool I provide with every sale. Free delivery to anywhere.

PRICES: (regularly fluctuating based on ore costs)
Token with warp drive: 6M
Single-use Blueprint: 2M

To see one in game, search for the VR station "Arise Astronautics". Or visit in person at Alioth coords - ::pos{0,2,18.7382,104.3451,1258.5342}



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3 days ago


Very friendly & lightning fast delivery
Very nice ship

18 days ago | Edited 18 days ago


Excellent Service!
Tobi-Wan delivered right to my doorstep.
I am currently figuring out how to use it:-) Made my first WARP journey to Thades today and I like it. Might be the ship to get those remote schematics, I always wanted to have.

1 month ago | Edited 1 month ago


Sweet Ride!
Super fast delivery as well!

1 month ago


Very nice ship and superfast delivery service !!

1 month ago


Nice ship! give me 5

2 months ago


This is a fantastic ship, and Tobi offers the best and fastest service I've seen in the game. 5 minutes after I enquired about buying one, he was dropping it off. Fantastic service, thank you :)

2 months ago


Top notch customer service! ♥♥♥♥♥
An awesome and economical little ship! The quality of life improvements like: User Manual, Reapinting Tool and DRM-Free Lua make for a perfect buy.

3 months ago


Had this little guy delivered the other night, really REALLY liking it! Fantastic, as always; thanks again @TobiwanKenobi

3 months ago


Thanks nice ship for one of my bases... handy...

4 months ago | Edited 4 months ago


Alors un grand merci. Le vaisseau livrer en 15 mn. Super petit navire consomme peut et assez rapide. Je recommande a 100%. Merci Tobiwan

5 months ago


Lmao. I had one ready, you were only 70km away, and I wasn't busy.

5 months ago


Ship was delivered alarmingly quickly, before I could even open the gate... speed almost unnerving, concerned whats going on over there

5 months ago | Edited 5 months ago

PVP Industries

nice ship!

5 months ago


I like the Ship a lot, I bought it to buy schematics on other planets, flies and handles well, The Ship's voxels are really well done, you can even pick colors and get a repaint blueprint with it. The service was very good, I went there in person to see it and had a rough landing, my Ship got repaired for free too! I would definately recommend it for the purpose of courier Ship, Thanks!

6 months ago


Excellent Ship and Great Service

6 months ago


Great ship and Great Service. A very happy customer.

6 months ago


Great ship and great service. Tobiwankenobi is very friendly and responsive. A good, solid purchase.

6 months ago


What an absolute diamind replied on discord within seconds and was delivered within 5 mins. Super service and a usermanual and color change kit as well 5* service.

6 months ago


I would like to buy one of these. What's the best way to go about it?

6 months ago


Ship was delivered quicker than the pizza I just ordered. Great service!

7 months ago


this is an amazing ship and a speedy delivery service! very highly recommend :D

7 months ago


Great ship! Looks good! And a free reskin tool!?! Custom baby!

7 months ago


Beautifull little ship with high attention to details. Got it today and really like it! Great Job!

7 months ago

[RMS] Emeraven

Garbage likes to put so many brakes on his ships that they under peform. This ship has plenty of brakes for all it is designed to do, if you act crazy with it, then yes you may not like the results.

7 months ago


Dude. What a great ship. Flies like a dream. Looks great. And fastest service ever.

7 months ago | Edited 7 months ago


Thanks. Hopefully you have your pilot skills trained to at least level 3. Sadly it can't be as powerful as your typical hauler because more power = more weight = more cell usage. To keep the cell usage down, I was limited in the amount of thrust and lift I could equip. Maybe I should make a version with advanced atmos...

7 months ago


She is pretty, handles well. A bit underpowered. Good quality.

7 months ago


14g of brake force wasn't enough? O_o

7 months ago | Edited 7 months ago


I bought this a few days ago, i had to add 4 medium breaks, and 12 small, to get the thing to stop, or it just drifts right past the target. but i do voxels, so i hid them well. EATS THE FORK OUTTA FUEL... so i now just use my warp bike shuttle 10 tons lighter, cost less cells, and costs far less if interested. ROCKET ROSEs, 1.5 million a BLUE print..and FLYS great built and tested on ALIOTHS 1g gravity. BUT TOBYWON DOES DANG GOOD doubt about that...just needs to up the FUCTIONAL part... i have level 4, and 5 on most piolet skills, BUT THOSE VOXELS, TOBY HAS THE MARKET on NICE LOOKING, and DECENT PRICE for the voxel work done...that easy 30 or more hours of VOXEL WORK.

7 months ago


This is a very good ship! nice little cozzy interior too. All your friends will want one of these :D

7 months ago


Great seller. Delivered quickly. Ship is very easy to fly.

8 months ago


@DreejL Assuming you mean the cargo filled up as well, total ship weight would be 140t. That would take ~16 cells. If you mean with cargo empty, then the table in the description is accurate - 8 cells.

8 months ago | Edited 8 months ago


How many cells to Lacobus with everything filled up ?

Edit after Tobi answer :
Yep, my question was when everything is filled up.
Container Hub filled let's say, with Hematite (or at least your max weight goal which is 70t according to your description)
AND Fuel Tanks filled as well.

8 months ago

[RMS] Emeraven

Tobi is a creator that other creators want to be when we grow up. This ship is a great example. Fast, efficient, with so many little features that make life easier. The detail in the deisgn and look just make it sand out from the rest. A sure buy.

8 months ago


This is my planet hopper. Love this ship. TobiwanKenobi gives you instructions and a free b/p to change color of ship.

8 months ago


Fantastic, first ship I ever bought, I normally make my own, but saw this one and had to have 2 to fill a Courier Role, Beautiful ship from every angle. Super fast Delivery too. everything all the other comments say - Will watch Tobi's Shipwright career for future Purchases, Thank You Tobi.

8 months ago


I can assemble one for you at your convenience. Please contact me on discord so we can communicate properly. @Tobi-wan Kenobi#2452

8 months ago


im interested in this ship when you have more... :) thanks

8 months ago


This thing is amazing. The creator has great customer service. 5 Stars.

8 months ago


Brilliant ship! Loved it so much I immediately bought 2 more.

8 months ago


Love this ship. well made. Polite and prompt service. Tobiwan is a Rockstar of a ship designer.

8 months ago


:-) yes CentauriPrime IS my in-game name. And still very interested.

8 months ago


I just got 1 of these beautiful ships, it is a beautiful fast and manageable ship and the handling is great and his service is top

9 months ago


Just Purchased one of these little beauties' , TobiwanKanobi is an excellent supplier and went out of his way to help me with the purchase and his service is top-notch...Well recommended.

9 months ago | Edited 9 months ago


In the three weeks since the initial release of this design, over 100 tokens have been sold. Some days I have trouble keeping up with all the orders. Feels good. Thanks everyone.

9 months ago


Feels like Drag Car and looks as good as one too Damn good ship

9 months ago

Will do. Is Centauri Prime your in-game name? As you said things are chaotic right now, so I'm not sure when I'll start selling again. But I'm trying to get things in order.

9 months ago


Very impressed with the rugged use and fuel efficiency of this courier. Please add me to you list of buyers; interested in exploring acquisition once the markets settle down! Centauri Prime.

9 months ago


Great little ship! And brilliant idea to include the "paint kit" blueprint with it. Thanks!

9 months ago | Edited 9 months ago


Glad you like the ship dude. However I want to point out that the price is about par for warp shuttles. I don't think I've seen any for less than 4.5M. I price my ships at +100% markup from the cost of ore/elements to produce one.

9 months ago


Great ship. Costs a little more than some other shuttles but is well worth it. It's like buying a new car that has all the upgrades. I flew from Alioth to Sanctuary with using only only 6% of the space fuel. That was with getting to 10k.

Wonderful ship. Lots of extras in this thing that will have you all smiles.

9 months ago


Great warp ship. Flew to Madis moon 2 and bought some cheap warp cells. Out and back in a hour. 4 cells, very little fuel used.

9 months ago


If you are in the market for a warp courier look no further. From the interior to the exterior the craftsmanship put into the ship is spot on. Having a nice power plant this little ship is fast and handles superbly. Don't hesitate and add one to your fleet today!

9 months ago


Slick little warp courier with some nice extra features inside. Looks and handles great!

Tobi-wan Kenobi#2452
Arise Astronautics - Alioth ::pos{0,2,18.7382,104.3451,1258.5342}


Dry Weight:

65 t

Cargo Space:

12 kL


Cargo Lift:

70 t

Max Speed:

1,100 km/h

Atmo Hover:

0 MN

Sustentation Speed:

230 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

1.7 MN

Atmo Brake:

10 MN

Wing Lift:

3 MN


Space Thrust:

2.5 MN

Space Brake:

4.8 MN

Space Hover:

2.1 MN

  • Core
    • XS

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Token
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler
    • Courier

  • Features
    • Interior
    • Radar
    • Warp