Squire - XS Starter Hauler


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The Squire is an inexpensive starter hauler and market runner. Capable of escaping 1g with 300t of cargo - even with zero piloting talents - it's suitable for a new player who wants to kick-start their progress. It also has surplus high altitude lift and braking power to make it easier to fly. Yet the Squire can be a capable addition to a veteran's fleet as well; a trained pilot can escape 1g with up to 500t and carry up to 700t in atmo.

With cargo volume equivalent to one large container, plenty of fuel, a cozy interior, and dashing good looks, the Squire has only one big drawback: the design profile left no room for a warp drive and no place to insert one, relegating it to the role of a market runner or satellite vessel as part of a mining carrier operation.

WARNING: If you intend to use the Squire for mission running, keep in mind that the cargo is divided into two hubs of eight S containers each. So the max volume of item you will be able to carry is 96kL(or 120kL if you rig 10 on one hub). This means that you won't be able to carry any package larger than this volume. This is a design flaw that will be rectified in a future overhaul.
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BP: 2M - bulk deals available
Token with tier 1 engines(250-450t): 3M (free to new players - ask for it)
Token with tier 2 engines(300-500t): 4M

FOR PURCHASE OF A TOKEN OR BP, contact @Tobi-wan Kenobi#2452 on discord.
Or join DU Creators discord and scroll down to the creator channel 'arise-astronautics' -

Ship will be sold with Lua DRM removed. Delivery to Alioth or Sanctuary at no cost. Delivery to outer planets unavailable for the Squire, as it has no warp drive.
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To see one in game, search for the VR station "Arise Astronautics". There will be one parked on the runway. Or visit in person at Alioth coords - ::pos{0,2,18.7382,104.3451,1258.5342}



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6 days ago


Got a rare token of this ship a while back, its a great ship. cant fault it . a regularly used ship great comb work and highly recommended ship builder very well balanced . and makes a great market runner

27 days ago | Edited 27 days ago


This brick is beautiful as is. Love assured on buying. Having piloted it for a less skilled friend beginning the game, I can say that she loves it, but I can see why she also loves to crash it in many times. This brick flies and crashes on landing if you don't know how to apply aeromystics to it properly.

Edit. So to say the price for a beginner ship is quite accurate, I would downscale it personally to 1.5 million to lure in more users for this excellent introduction vessel, but would also add 1 million option for a flight assist scripting tutorial document that would be implemented in an INFO button inside the craft with lua, and few bad test sample flight scripts that would be limited demos, but would lead to real advanced HUD and flight assist scripts that make the game more enjoyable for All. I would still price the S and M cores higher in case I was making this great voxels.

1 month ago


Thank you, Tobi. You're the Best! Love this ship 100%, it's a dream. ~New Player~

4 months ago


Awesome service, really helpful and friendly guy, I got the noob version and am excited. A real jump start for me. Thanks Tobi.

5 months ago

Xe Space Corporation

Bought two of these for training and small mining operations - Very fast delivery with perfect customer service.
The ship comes with a great, very detailed design. I can honestly say it's one of the best xs hulers out there.

6 months ago


After 8 days of ownership I still greatly enjoy the reliability of this hualer. As mentioned excellent service and prompt delivery. About to contact Tobi about a Brute but will definitely keep the Squire. 5/5!

6 months ago


The Squire - XS Starter Hauler was just delivered, and it was my first time buying a ship from a third party. With me being a noob I was a little nervous at first. However, Tobi helped and explained everything in great detail for a noob like me. Quick responses, great price, and speedy delivery. Overall an excellent ship, and it has definitely exceeded my expectations.

6 months ago


Great little starter ship and the best customer service you could ask for. Thanks again TobiwanKenobi

6 months ago | Edited 6 months ago


I must say this is an amazing ship, the design is superb, and service incredible, delivered right to the front door no questions asked can highly recommend 10 out of 5 stars, i am over the moon (pun intended)

7 months ago


Tobi just delivered my Squire, and I'm more pleased than I thought I would be. The images just don't do justice to how beautifully designed and detailed this ship is. Not only does it look amazing, it flies like a dream. Couldn't recommend this ship enough!

7 months ago


Just got my Squire! Tobi is very active and delivered it to my doorstep =) Awesome and really effective craft. Best XS Hauler i know so far!

8 months ago


Got the Squire also delivered today. It is outstanding! how much love and details are in this ship. I do not even dare to fly it so I dont brake it before it is payed :) Thanks again Tobi! Highly recommended and I will expand my collection with a Brute later for sure :)

9 months ago


ups...but two is better ^^

9 months ago


i bought 2 ships... the squire and the Brute....awesome ships :-)
god bless Tobi !!!!!!

9 months ago


i bought 2 ships... the squire and the Brute....awesome ships :-)
god bless Tobi !!!!!!

9 months ago


Fantastic little ship and speedy delivery, I absolutely love this thing; thanks again TobiwanKenobi!

9 months ago | Edited 9 months ago


Nope. No elements overlap. Here's a view of the booty without the voxels. They're packed in there tight, but no overlap.

9 months ago


Does this ship take the advantage of stacked elements?

10 months ago


Very super awesome. I'm a total noob and this really jump-started me to make some money. And Tobi was super helpful in getting me set up. Even fronted me the ship so I could get some ore up front. easy as can be.

10 months ago


Another great ship Tobi! I have all three and they are top notch from the design, detail, and quality. This little ship handles great. Can't wait to see what's next.

10 months ago


My first ship purchased from 3rd party, I was amazed on first flight , so easy to fly, it has the perfect balance for my noob skills ..Well done Tobi'

10 months ago


The detail that TobiwanKenobi has managed to squeeze into this little masterpiece blows my mind. His skills and style are apparent throughout the ship, no matter where you decide to stop and look. I also love how he's managed to carry the same design language from his other ships into this. I can imagine a lot of people owning a small fleet of Squires, perched on ships or scattered around planet outposts!

Hopefully I'll start seeing these everywhere!

10 months ago


The fourth ship I buy from this seller and I have no regrets. The last one is like the other two: functional with great details. Le Squire can land on the Brute without problem and lifts the indicated weight without worries. Another great job from this builder. I highly recommend it. I wait for the next ones with impatience.

10 months ago


I own all three ships TobiwanKenobi makes. They cover all my mining and travel needs. They are beautiful and affordable. The Squire can ride on the back of the Brute, so you can go interplanetary if you wish. She has room for more ore than I can dig before burning out, and can get me quickly to market or back to base. I am a very happy customer.

10 months ago


Another homerun from Tobiwan. Just about anyone can throw parts together and make something that will stay in the air, but it takes patience and skill to produce a beautiful ship like this one. And the price is great too. 10/10 on the voxel work. The details are the best you'll see. Flew it 250km around Alioth to my base - 1450km/h at 1% atmo and burned less than 4% of the fuel. Thanks, Tobiwan.

10 months ago


This ship has details that are unapproachable And the amount of time that went into some of its features are nothing short of amazing. The performance of this ship is just as good as it looks. You can run full loops while still maintaining a forward vector. Stand it on its tail and hover like an aerobatic biplane. This builder has a gift forsure

10 months ago


love the attention to detail well done :)

10 months ago


awesome little ship, super agile and looks great, fab work from Tobi as usual, would highly recommend, excellent value. an ideal starter ship or market runner.

Tobi-wan Kenobi#2452
Arise Astronautics - Alioth ::pos{0,2,18.7381,104.3450,1194.6367}


Dry Weight:

120 t

Cargo Space:

192 kL


Cargo Lift:

500 t

Max Speed:

1,250 km/h

Sustentation Speed:

166 km/h

Atmo Thrust:

5 MN

Atmo Brake:

33 MN

Wing Lift:

14 MN

Atmo Fuel:

3,200 kL


Space Thrust:

5.9 MN

Space Brake:

14 MN

Space Hover:

12.9 MN

Space Fuel:

3,200 kL

  • Core
    • XS

  • Env
    • Atmosphere
    • Space

  • Sold As
    • Token
    • Blueprint

  • Role
    • Hauler

  • Features
    • Interior
    • Radar