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The Odin



Cargo Lift: 10,000 t

It's here. If it's worth doing, It's worth overdoing. That's the idea here. This is for the businessman who has worked his way up from the coal mines to running the show. The Odin is an enjoyable blend of over-the-top and modest. The exterior exudes aggression and yet somehow also elegance in the right light. The interior is spacious, luxurious, but more importantly functional and efficient. No maze of hallways to get lost in. This ship is not a showpiece that you park in a hangar and never dust off the seat again. This ship is meant to be flown. You can see the stats are commendable and without the use of any stacked elements. Yes you can move and replace them without any trickery. Future-proofing is a huge focus for me. To that end, there is plenty of room for additions like a reactor when it comes (this area is currently housing a scanner). You have plenty of options when flying this beast, You can roll takeoff and land or use VTOL. You can cruise or haul with AGG (20L containers 10kt+ or cargo from surface of Alioth). You can leave atmosphere slow and steady or point straight up and burn some rocket fuel! Looks are important in this world. The amount of time that has gone into every part of the ship is immense and it shows. There is nothing to compare to Titanium. It's rarity, It's shades and shine.. Never before have we seen a ship of this size made of such material and the wait is over. I know you're rich and will be warping to every destination you seek to visit but It's good to be prepared. For this price tag, you need to know that you will be protected from the chaos of this world. The Odin has you covered... in Gold.. Behind the titanium and cobalt, half a meter to 1 meter of gold covers the entire ship (minus the wings). In addition to that, you have the capsule which houses a combat ready command and gunner position. This area has a minimum of 1.5 meters of extra gold up to 2.5 meters which you can see in the cutaway pictures. Reparability is important. To satisfy this need, there are dedicated areas of the ship you can easily walk through to repair. The guns, fuel and space engines are top priority and therefore have great repair access. The stabilizers and some other elements can only be accessed through the repair passageways. The number of essential elements is kept low for a ship of this size and capability. The decorative elements are kept to a reasonable level. This is all for performance. It's not fun flying a nice ship if it's at 10fps. 10 Ships will be produced. 4 have been sold and one is mine. That leaves 5 up for grabs. DM me or find Emerald Inc in the Utopia space guild. Minor changes or additions can be made to your copy prior to delivery. You can see it in person at the Atlas Museum VR and at Captain's Customs.

Token: 1,000 Mħ




No attributes :-(

BSS factories are proud to present the war battleship "Arcadia" !

Token: 1,000 Mħ

Mustang Shuttle XS

HPL Shipyards


Space Thrust: 0.744 MN

A basic XS shuttle with 6 seats and a S container. Designed for rotating atmo engines, but since these are not in game yet, its regular engines are supplemented with hovers for take off/landing. Intended for primarily horizontal operations (like an airplane), but, like most of our ships, equipped for tail-sitter operation (like SpaceX). Script includes full instrument panel, VTOL (hovers) switching, tailsitter switching, rocket governor (rockets not included) Projected materials cost is 266,000 q.

Token: 1,000 Mħ
BP: 300 Kħ

IDY Star Destroyer

Imperial Drive Yards


Cargo Space: 1,920 kL

This ship has been a passion project since it started in December. Using aligned multiple cores, the IDY Star Destroyer is the biggest Star Destroyer in game. With the total length almost 2 L cores long, it comes in at 12% to scale of the 1600 meters of a full size ISD. It uses 10 XL space engines to get its bulk moving to a full 11.4g of thrust and retro braking power of 17.3g. With its unique construction method, each ISD takes 6 to 8 hours to deploy one full ship and can only be sold via token. Because of the shear amount of time and effort it takes to deploy these behemoths, there will only ever be 12 made. *VR over to take a look at IDY Star Destroyer* Currently Deployed 3 of 12 Updated 10 Sep 21

Token: 950 Mħ




Space Thrust: 978 MN

Final Space Industries' latest instrument of war, Atlas is a capital grade gun ship that will not yield any district of space to anyone. Inspired by the Battletech and Mechwarrior Assault class heavy mech Atlas with its giant AC-20 cannon in the front of the ship. Built with current meta materials and layers to complete is lethal form. It comes in 2 loadouts, 20 Missiles or 8 Missiles and 16 Lasers for varied ammo capabilities.

Token: 750 Mħ
BP: 200 Mħ




Space Thrust: 546 MN

Full space PvP ship This ship designed for PvP by penrose industries, will be your indispensable ally for space combat sessions. - An armor of 8 gold voxel will protect you from any attack. - Pvp test, the strike force of this ship is impressive, and its resistance as well. - 7 gunner seat: - 24 missile L t3 - 3 railguns, - 5 cannons , - radar Rare Phased Array (x8) Custom versions on demand can be provided but may require additionnal cost depending on materials. all future update will be free (hud, weapon upgrade....) diffèrent Price available: - only shell pic = 30 000 000 - full equiped = 100 000 000m - token = 741 000 000 come and see it on vr: "Penrose Destiny v1" contact on discord for more information: thibz#1965 or isyos#7355

Token: 741 Mħ
BP: 30 Mħ

Titan Class

Captains Customs - Ship Sales


Cargo Lift: 25,000 t

Titan Class Mobile outpost - Fleet Carrier - Central Command - Mega Hauler Over 120 Large container capacity. Can take off from the ground with atmospheric engines alone while empty, or at up to 25 KT of weight with rockets and atmos. L core, with 2 medium cores extensions added to it. All elements boosted to level 5 in every way. (flight, container, fuel) Just over 100 fully built interior rooms: You name it, and this ship has it. -jail cells -interrogation/torture rooms -officer quarters -isolation rooms -control area -surgery rooms -containment rooms -main medical room -Cryostasis tubes -officer quarters -waiting room -general clinic -critical care -DNA/cloning room -psychiatric ward -long-term care ward -physical therapy facilities -X-ray/CAT scanner/other diagnostic graphing tools -blood/samples testing -armory -training deck -firing range -officer quarters -containment rooms -science labs -testing rooms -officer quarters -shield generator -engines -power generators -power capacitors -main engineering -officer quarters -sewage -life support -cargo bay -external access cargo bay -plex storage bay -main hangar -vehicle bay -construction bay -repair bay -drone bay -officer quarters -civilian docking -refueling depot -crew quarters[bathrooms included] -Mess Hall -lounge -Holodeck -guest quarters[bathrooms included] -VIP quarters -bridge -Astrometrics/Navigation room -captain's ready room -conference room/Diplomacy room -hangar control -fleet control -command rooms (security grid control etc.) -captain's quarters -transporter room -escape pods -observation deck -spare rooms -Mobius chair docking -Computer core (logic)/Central server room -drop pod bay -Exercise room/gym -Armory on every deck -security checkpoints -security HQ -missile/ammo storage -weapon calibration room -main hall -main elevator -elevators -halls -Hot tubs -bar View it (and more) today and at our VR showroom - Captains Customs

Token: 700 Mħ




Space Thrust: 448 MN

Since this will be a combat ship, I will replace the blueprint free of charge if it gets destroyed The first comes out of dry dock on the 1st of May. The pictures show the current status. Also you can check out the ship on VR. Look for "Project Ragtag" Atmo (there is enough atmo brakes to safely land it on alioth with the help of the rockets) / Warp capable 16x L gunner module (full bonuses), 1x command seat (full bonuses) 30x L Adv. Heavy Laser 15 on both sides (all lvl4 bonuses) 36x L precision cannon 18 on both sides (all lvl4 bonuses) 17x Adv phase radar L (full bonuses) 8x L Adv Prec Railgun (all lvl4 bonuses) 10x L Rockets, 10xL Rocket tank (full bonuses) 8x Adv. Military Space XL (full bonuses) number of layers: classified exact weight: classified

Token: 600 Mħ
BP: 100 Mħ

Magee Class

Utopia Planitia


Space Thrust: 318 MN

This model starship was built for specifically for asteroid hunting. This vessel features all the creature comforts you might need on a long journey including quarters, galley, medical facilities, and a "holodeck" for crew VR so that they may continue on projects elsewhere while in route. The deck plans are thought out in a way to protect vital ship systems while spreading them out so no one system goes down with another. Vital parts of the ship are protected by a multi-tier armor strategy employs layers of silver, copper and steel built directly into the corridors, decks and rooms. It boasts a compliment of 6 L rail guns and 2 L cannons split between 2 gunners. The 4 fighters docked in the shuttle bay hold 4 XS cannons each and can be used by a single pilot. All totaled within fighter range, this ship can deal out 59,765.5 DPS. The 2 cargo bays located on deck 2 can hold a combined 10 L containers worth of material and can be used for replacement fighter deployment as well as ammunition storage, scrap and fuel. The lower deck 4 cargo bays hold a combined 8 EXL and 4 XL containers used as main storage. Engineering is by far the most armored part of the ship with multiple layers of silver, copper and steel protecting the internals as well as external deck plating which in turn protects the above bridge from fire when the shields are penetrated. The belly of this ship during combat is meant to be faced towards oncoming fire as well as being able to burn off trajectory while returning fire. Powering this vessel is 8 Advanced Maneuver Space XL engines with 8 Advanced Maneuver Space L engines. an additional 30 Advanced Maneuver Space M thrusters allow for XYZ maneuvering. The minimum crew recommendation for this vessel is 7. Pilot: 1 Gunners: 2 Fighter Pilots: 4 It is also recommended an additional 1-4 engineers be present on each mission for emergencies. Thank you for considering the Magee Class, if you wish to see it for yourself, you may connect via VR to: Magee Class Utopia Planitia Replacement Blueprints for each fighter can be purchased for 1m each. There are no naming restrictions for these vessels however registry numbers will still be assigned. Currently there are many interested parties that are wanting the first model off the line, I will be taking bids over the course of the next 2 weeks. Please feel free to message me on discord if you wish to bid on the first model. Edit: After doing a speed test, this vessel can make 30,000km/h in just over 4 minutes. The auction has ended and the final bidder has claimed their ship for the first edition! However the price will continue to be adjusted due to the daily fluctuations in the ore climate. Contact me if you wish to purchase. Blueprint Caveats: The registry will be designed and assigned along with this BP. Fore screens will be blank upon deployment and will need to be updated with the registry manually.

Token: 500 Mħ
BP: 150 Mħ

Captains Crown

Captains Customs - Ship Sales


No attributes :-(

There are lots of priceless, money-can’t-buy ships in DU, but the Captains Crown is the cream of the crop. It’s said that Captain Miller himself approved those worthy enough to own one, and even then, you’re talking serious money to get your hands on the keys. Today, a mint condition, original Captains Crown comes in at eye-watering sums, with a model sold in 2021 fetching $500 million. The chief designer DJSlicer painstakingly crafted each voxel with meticulous detail & precision. While Captains Customs’ reputation for excellence continues today, many nitronheads would tell you that the Captains Crown was their crowning achievement.

Token: 500 Mħ

Eye of Apathy - Armoured Superfreighter



Space Thrust: 612 MN

Purpose-built space only Armoured Freighter, with a strong focus on secure transport. Tired of berating greifers in discord? Aboard the Eye of Apathy, oppression becomes but a mere bugsplat on the windscreen. If you think you wouldn't need an armoured freighter, you probably wouldn't need your cargo. Specialising in high value transport, among other creative uses. Lightly equipped with 4 L Advanced Precision Railguns for any minor deterrence if necessary. Plenty of leftover internal space for future expansions, power generators etc. 80 L Containers / 8 Hubs. S sized landing pad on the rear, for atmo haulers/shuttles. Visit the ship at vr pod "APATHY VR" All elements have maximum placement talents. Containers and fuel containers all have -25% mass reduction. With above container talents, ship does 1G forward thrust with ~70KT of unbuffed mass (reads as ~50KT in talent affected containers. No insane markups.

Token: 435 Mħ

The Pioneer (2021)

Captains Customs - Ship Sales


Cargo Lift: 27,000 t

“Let us not forget why we are here. Why we have spent ten thousand years traveling the void… We are the sons and daughters of old Earth. We have come to reclaim our future.. to build a new world for our people…. We are the Pioneers…” Excerpt: Book of Novea, Author: Unknown. Some say that it was these words that inspired Captain’s Customs vision. That it was these words that made the shipwrights cross the line from practical and reliable Medium Freighters into truly astonishing Large Core ships of the line… All we know is the result: The Pioneers. The 2021 Pioneer is around 120 meters long, has a barracks, a bar, an executive suite, and a captain’s ready room. It has 72 advanced atmospheric engines, 62 L Containers, and a Large AGG, and around 7000 cubic meters of the best voxel design that money can buy. All this adds up to a ship that can lift 27Kt of cargo into space, move an entire organization between planets, and carry a small fleet of utility vehicles around the world. Simply put… this is The Ship. The Ship you take to strip mine a planet. The Ship you take to curdle the willpower of those wanting to negotiate with you on ore prices. The Ship you take to restart civilization in a new star system, a million light-years from home. This Ship, is the most in-demand ship in the game. Building a Pioneer will monopolize the entire production capacity of a small Aliothian nation. Running it will devastate the local economy. Deploying it should be an achievement. This is not the ship for you. You can't afford it…. But you know you want it anyway. Come see it via VR at Captains Customs - Ship Showroom -- ::pos{0,2,14.2029,102.3581,0.0000} -- We are 15KM South of District 7 on Alioth (paste into a chat, right-click on it and set as destination, should be right below District 7)

Token: 400 Mħ
BP: 125 Mħ

Destiny IV

Dream Designs by Ristlin


Cargo Lift: 20,000 t

Mobilize your expeditions with the all new Destiny IV, a 10 Expanded Container XL logistics carrier designed to take the Destiny series to the far reaches of space. Its beautiful, clean design offers superior performance with tons of room for customization. Utilize the top-deck to dock multiple S and M cores. Below, you can attach numerous specialty pods including the all new Destiny IV cargo station. Take control of your own destiny. Features 40 Advanced Military Engines, 6 Rocket L, 4 Advanced Maneuver Space XL, 6 Maneuver Space L, and over 2,000 MN of atmo braking. Updates 9/10/2021 - Updated pricing C2 - 7/18/2021 - Updated pricing; touchups

Token: 350 Mħ


Dream Designs by Ristlin


Cargo Space: 21,000 kL

Dominus is an L core space freighter designed for station-to-station heavy cargo hauling with 120 L containers of dedicated cargo, maneuver XL space engines, 3-axis thrust. Features forward utility section (weapons, small-craft landing pad, RP mining drill), two lateral airlocks for docking M cores, four engineering sections, medical bay, and command deck. Other features are scheduled to be added in upcoming updates. **LUA** Orbital HUD Damage Report Updates C2 - 9/10/2021 - Updated pricing; removed AGG; removed atmo elements; added shield G L; added 24 more advanced L mil space engines in booster config; moved rockets into booster config. Expected completion: 9/30/21 C1 - 7/17/2021 - Updated pricing; hull improvements. Feature roadmap: https://trello.com/b/VDitsBmQ/dominus

Token: 350 Mħ

millennium falcon limited gold edition



Space Thrust: 90.6 MN

The original Millennium Falcon may be a hodgepodge of nuts and bolts, but you don't have to fly in a flying wreck. Even if it is the fastest in this part of the galaxy. To celebrate the launch of the commercial version of the Penrose Laboratories Falcon, here is an exclusive and very limited edition of the same Falcon in pure gold! Over 3000 cubic metres of gold, rare military atmospheric engines and yet weighing only 1.77 Kt. The model is equipped with six L-containers and two M-containers for a total capacity of 1152 KL. But the best part is that this is a special launch edition of the commercial version: there will be only five commercialised copies of this token. So be one of the first... and the only ones ! to get this exclusive ship. The ship can be seen on the Penrose Showroom (VR available) and for a token, please contact Ava#9316 on Discord.

Token: 350 Mħ
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