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Voxel Sets

Nomad MK2



Cargo Lift: 400 t

Compact and sporty, the Nomad MK2 is an Extra Small light hauler and personal transport ship, equipped for atmospheric and space travel. Built by Infinity Corporation and designed by Atmosph3rik. Equipped with two Medium and four Small containers for 240kL of storage, the Nomad can lift about 400 tons into space at 1g, with moderate piloting talents. And sporting two Large Space Engines, one Large, two Medium and four Small Advanced Military Atmospheric engines, it has power to spare. Also Includes: All T5 Piloting and storage Handling talents Rez Node Container hub S Atmospheric Radar S Space Radar Room on top to install a Warp Core, or Territory Scanner. (not included) Custom colors available on request and an additional fee. Specify two materials, one for the primary color and one for the accent stripe.

Token: 4 Mħ

Switch Blade MK1



Space Thrust: 4.59 MN

Designed as a light transport for cheap travel. All Blueprints and Tokenized Ships located on Alioth at Castle D4rkMoon ::pos{0,2,54.0664,95.5401,583.6151} Tokenized ships are all boosted to Lvl 5 across the board Hit me up on discord to make a purchase! Seripis#0466

Token: 12 Mħ
BP: 1 Mħ

Behemoth 1A-S



Cargo Space: 7,680 kL

Infinity Corporation's first ship of our upcoming product line of freighters and haulers, the Behemoth 1A-S is a space-only super freighter. Armed with 8 Large Railguns and 2 Large Lasers, and armored with up to 7 meters of air-spaced armor in important areas, you can safely transport up to 7680 kL / 20000 tones through space with 40 Large containers. The Behemoth also (optionally) comes with 2 StarScream drop ships (extra 10 million quanta each) that fit neatly into the drop hanger in the bottom rear of the ship (See photos) Your tokenized ship will come with all elements upgraded to tier 5. The IC logos can be replaced with a logo of your choice, or just removed.

Token: 250 Mħ

M.F.H. (little bobby)



Cargo Lift: 1,600 t

The MFH is a hauler for newer players. No glitches, no exploits, no bugs (sad it has to be mentioned). Due to its high amount of wings and low cross section it can carry very large amounts of cargo with its 6 maneuver engines while consuming very little fuel. I tested it on a character with no skills and could cruise at 1000km/h with 4kt cargo, orbit/offworld from Alioth was tested with 2kt with no skills but as this requires a very flat pitch, to keep speed close to 700, and more time, I set the cargo lift on this page as 1,6kt 8 L containers have space for 1536kl, by the time you ever run out of space when bringing stuff to the market, you can afford a ship 3 times the size. All items are max buffed, I only used max sized elements so you can strip it for parts when you want to build something bigger. This is a van, not a sports car. When you fly with a lot of cargo, keep speed high and only climb slowly. You should also make use of the wings and land like a plane. Do not just fly roughly to where you want to go and hold the brakes until you are on the ground. If you get the cargo plane feeling you will have a lot of fun with this craft, at least as long as you find enough stuff to fill the cargo with. It also excells at warping ore to alioth from off world, as it can land with a lot of cargo (I regulary use it to bring well over a million chromite back from sicari) while still being relatively cheap to warp. The interior is quite plain, buttons for doors/forcefields, lights, resurrection node and VR station. Say the word if you want some carpets and plants. Autopilots and assists work best with a lot of engines to start and a lot of brakes to stop, not a lot of wings to glide. So I recommend flying this manually. If you want to use autopilot, I can take 2 containers out for you and use the space for airbrakes until you have 60g. As this isn’t exactly an work of art and is meant to just help new players get an affordable ship that can carry a lot, you should almost break even if you sell the parts. You can also have basic engines to save 1.5M, but maneuvers need less fuel and spin up faster, I think they are worth it. Don’t get the warp if you dont need it, save another 850K. Visit VR "Showroom Gottchar" to see it.

Token: 7.4 Mħ
BP: 300 Kħ

[TTA] Cobra



Cargo Lift: 5,000 t

Now Available in the Cobra Plus SB Model with all Advanced Military Engines for 49 Million to give you that extra OOMPH through PvP Space! New from the Forges of TTA Alioth comes the 'Cobra', a medium core Hod Carrier with looks that would make even a Preacher weep. Harnessing the latest in Gyroscopic Technology, the Cobra utilises no less than 24 Large Atmospheric Engines and 4 XL Space Engines to punch a hole through even the most demanding of planetary atmospheres to carry your precious cargo to safety. Load Capability has been measured with low piloting skills which are confirmed at 5KT in 1G. The finish, in Polished White Aluminium and Beige Aluminium, will have the crowds gathering to admire your choice of steed wherever you choose to land. Contact TTA (Tictaq Jim#7871) today to arrange a tour or hop in to 'Tictaq South' in VR

Token: 35 Mħ
BP: 10 Mħ

Thunderbolt Mk5

Storm Wetworks


Max Speed: 2,200 km/h

In Storm Wetworks' never ending crusade to equip our fellow Noveans with everything they need to hold their own against the void, we are proud to present the Thunderbolt Mk5! She may have a nose capable of sinking the Titanic, but don't hold it against her! This Speeder isn't here to float around. Capable of cruising unladen at ~2,200m/s(or Mach 6.4) a mere 200m off the ground till her tanks run dry, carry 2 passengers, and hold up to 70 tons of cargo. The Thunderbolt Mk5 will prove to you that you really can have an all-purpose XS atmo speeder that nearly does it all. You know what they say; once you go Hypercruise you never go back. Just imagine traveling from District 10 to District 8, the northernmost and southernmost Districts respectively, a distance of 33.3 Km. The Thunderbolt Mk5 can take off from District 10's landing pad and land on District 8's in just a mere 1 min and 15 seconds! Not without some cost however. You may be wondering how the Thunderbolt Mk5 can travel at such colossal speed without taking damage, and the answer is it cannot! But by extensive and clever use of adjusters the danger to important elements is virtually completely mitigated. Just be sure to carry scrap to repair the redundant adjusters if you happen to have a lead foot. But without a doubt, if you crave Speed's shock to the soul, then look no further than the Thunderbolt Mk5! BP now available for free at Storm Wetworks' Showpad @ ::pos{0,2,13.5713,97.3744,106.1851}! Or as a pre built token for 1.3 million upon request. Contact BeforetheStorm90#0546 on discord for inquires.

Token: 1.3 Mħ
BP: 1 ħ

TIE Bomber V2 700t Hauler

DU Creators


Cargo Lift: 700 t

This is a far more optimized version of the previous Deravi Staryards version. This is the most effective small scale hauler I could make, basically 2 large military atmo engine housings with wings. The entire left pontoon is just a large container. It is designed around crash safety; overpowered vertical boosters, an emergency control unit and several large excessive atmo brakes mean you can stop a dead-drop quickly. It gets an impressive and meta-defying 700t (more, in my experience) out of 1G with an installed warp drive. This is due in part to the small wing stacks in the struts combined with non-obstructing ailerons across the rear and a lot of trial and error (and crashes). Message Deravi#6100 on Discord delivery to the orbit of your choosing. The warp drive fills most of the right pontoon which precludes an interior, but you may request the non-warp version with the interior seen in pics. You may request advanced military atmo engines installed if you pay the difference. DU Creators customization guarantee: If you customize your ship in a way you prefer we will surrogate in to make you a backup BP lest anything happen to your work.

Token: 7.5 Mħ
BP: 2 Mħ

Isekai Star Mover

Isekai Enterprises


Cargo Lift: 90 t

*Note: Currently not taking any orders for ships at the moment. Working to get better established and for the new container types to be craftable. Need something to get you started on your hauling or mining trips? This is the ship for you! Sleek trimmings with an L sized container and surprising amount of room inside to spare! - 1 Atmo Engine L - 6 Space Engines M - 1 Container L - 4 Wing Variant M

Token: 800 Kħ

Top Secret



Atmo Thrust: 2.02 MN

Pocket rocket with 2 medium advanced military engines and cruses at 1600+ km/h. Sold as token and BP at the Chimera Showroom with level 4 and 5 boosts on the tokens. Comes with DU Orbital hud loaded. Can be viewed at the Chimera Shipworks Showroom

Token: 1 Mħ
BP: 50 Kħ




Space Thrust: 3.31 MN

This ship is my pride and joy, made as a multi-purpose ship it has 10 L containers for hauling, a L warp drive and lots of space for a crew. I have put it together to handle well and look sleek

BP: 25 Mħ

Brute S-core Freighter



Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

The Brute S-core freighter is designed for short solo/duo mining trips. It has a detailed interior, a shapely exterior with lots of personality, and unique capabilities. The tandem atmo engines design allows for superior cross-section to thrust ratios, making the Brute capable of higher-than-typical max speed in atmo. With good piloting talents(lvl 4 all, including atmo engine altitude efficiency) the tier 2 military version can cruise at nearly 1500kmh. This feature also gives the ship a great cargo potential to price ratio. Quanta to kilogram, it's one of the strongest S-core haulers on the market. However, achieving the max potential requires a knowledgeable pilot who knows how to establish good escape momentum. Designer testing has achieved 1g escape with 2kt of cargo. Internal cargo capacity is 420kL(4M + 3S containers), with designated external attach points for three additional L containers, allowing expansion up to 996kL for carrying high-volume, low-mass loads such as bauxite. Atmo cargo lift is about 3kt max. CARGO CAPABILITIES (1g max escape cargo mass): Basic engines, lvl 0 pilot talents: ~700t Basic engines, lvl 3 pilot talents: ~1200t Basic engines, lvl 4 pilot talents: ~1500t Military engines, lvl 4 pilot talents: ~2000t Military engines, lvl 5 pilot talents: ~2500t All values are for the mass of your cargo as displayed in the inventory window. Since I have level 5 container optimization, which lowers the mass of your cargo by -25%, you're actually carrying 33% more mass than the above numbers indicate. These are also conservative values; one brute owner has escaped Alioth with 3800t of cargo - 4300t total ship mass. PURCHASING Message @Tobi-wan Kenobi#2452 on discord for purchase of a tokenized ship. Or join DU Creators discord and scroll down to the creator channel 'arise-astronautics' - https://discord.gg/3MK3XpQGB4 PRICES: Token with military engines + warp: 12M Token with basic engines + warp: 9M Single-use BP - 4M To view a Brute in person, enter a VR surrogate pod and search for "Arise Astronautics". ALL HANDLING TALENTS MAXED AT LEVEL 5

Token: 12 Mħ
BP: 4 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 1,500 t

The Rockhopper is an optimized mining ship for 2L containers worth of ore. With high piloting skills can carry those full of hematite into space from Alioth, while it should be able to carry 1Kt with no piloting skills (can't test that myself). With a dry weight of only 362t and featuring a Warp Drive, is the go to ship for your off planet mining trips, having a cheap warp cells bill to pay. 5.75gs of thrust and 6.75gs of lift, with 19.2gs of brake force, combined with carefull adjustor placemet, make this ship a pleasure to fly when dry, and safe when loaded. Extra Features include: - Resurrection node - Surrogate Station Available for a closer look at Zenith Space Port Selling Token only: 8 mil, bring your parts 16 mil, i provide the parts

Token: 8 Mħ


Captains Customs - Ship Sales


Cargo Space: 1,500 kL

Centuries in the Making Exceptional, elegant, exquisite, excess, elite - “The Nautilus” Truly exceptional in every way. When you have become bored with the redundant and tiresome offerings of other “luxury craft/vessel designers” and you require something that that lets everyone around you know that you’ll crush them with your wallet... The newest offering from Captain’s Customs is sure to send a message to your self-touted hoity-toity acquaintances. The Nautilus from Captains Customs can satisfy even the most discerning of naval and interstellar ship buyers. Are you tired of your rivals trying to make bigger and bigger yachts so they can look down on you from the top deck? The Nautilus has you covered. The Nautilus can ascend into the sky and means you'll always be the one with an upturned nose. Why keep a yacht on every planet with an ocean view when you could use one vessel to see them all! When choosing the wood for the Nautilus, only the most unique and expressive grain patterns are retained. We clear-cut an entire old-growth forest and used only the most beautiful pieces of wood. The rest were burned, to make sure nobody else has the same unique wood pattern on anything else. Truly one of a kind. The outer hull of the Nautilus is painstakingly polished by only the most beautiful people in the world, each of them leading the life of royalty with their only duty being to ensure our surface finish is utterly spotless. Only the softest, daintiest, and gentle hands have ever touched the mirrored chromium surface of the Nautilus. We know that our buyers are more wealthy, and vastly more intelligent than those purchasing from our competitors. We know that such powerful and prestigious people require complete privacy and that is why the floors and walls of the Nautilus are completely soundproof. Even a gunshot would sound like little more than a soft tap from the next room over, let alone the comparatively tiny volume of a person screaming in terror. A great party space isn't complete without a chandelier to draw attention and give your guests something to look up at. Something that represents you looking down at them from on high, to let them know who's the most powerful. The chandeliers in the Nautilus are created out of the finest crystalware. We have the most renowned glassblowers in the world, each of them a world-class artist. They create a line of glassware that a gallery could be founded around, and then we smash their work into pieces. The priceless glass art is then used to create a stunning chandelier that will only ever be seen by your guests instead of displayed for the unwashed masses in a gallery. Nautilus - Each ship will be engraved with the model number. Nautilus 1 - Argatum Nautilus 2 - Rexsilex Nautilus 3 - Lexifer Nautilus 4 - Narse Nautilus 5 - HammyHammy Nautilus 6 - Sammy Nautilus 7 - Rocky_ Nautilus 8 - Jack Trent Nautilus 9 - MrDragonfx Nautilus 10 - Galactic Trade Federation Nautilus 11 - BrewAndPew Nautilus 12 - WJRM75 Nautilus 13 - Sharkey Nautilus 14 - Landmark Explorer Nautilus 15 - Wadicorp Nautilus 16 - [RAO]Crazyhorse68 - Each sale will both increase the price (5M) and the model number Nautilus 17 - BP Price 130M View it today and at our VR showroom - Captains Customs

BP: 130 Mħ

Zippy Skull



Space Thrust: 1.62 MN

BP: 2 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 50 t

A light hauler for times when flying anything larger doesn't make sense. An adventurous pilot can surely go above the advertised 50t and still reach space. Blueprints are available at the YMCA Showroom on Alioth at ::pos{0,2,-22.1177,-130.7274,95.3372}

BP: 2 Mħ
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