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Space Thrust: 319 MN

Nautilus Freighter A Large Bio Mechanoid creature .Living and thriving in the Vastness of space . These Passive creatures are easily captured and fitted with armor plates . There Huge open interior body's fitted with large numbers of containers . Although Nautiloid are a Primarily a space organism its installed armor allows it to enter planet atmosphere's . Found to only be the 3rd Largest Bio Mechanoid in the New Verse with its fast growth rate and passive nature the Nautilus fills out a bulk of the Nemesis fleets . the Military versions packed with heavy armaments and a very thick shells Description WIP

BP: 30 Mħ

The Falcon



Cargo Space: 1,344 kL

Cargo ship made for mining asteroids comes without AGG standard has an EZ install room for one

BP: 45 Mħ

Destiny One

Loaded Industries (NEW LOCATION)


Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

Loaded Industries presents Destiny One medium hauler if your looking for a new stylish daily runner i hope we have you covered with this new original design by loaded, 3kt hauler with 6 large containers, fitted with all advanced engines, medium shield, warp drive etc everything you would expect, very easy to fly and very agile to move around, full interior design, blue print only no tokens as of yet, any question please message me on discord. stats shown are with lvl 5 talent buffs applied and some pilot skills, as i dont have a character with no skill at all no more, if you are a skilled pilot with pilot skills you will push 4kt of alioth you can view in VR search for loaded industries and you find the ship located on the open air showroom space with dispenser ::pos{0,2,37.6266,109.2195,-51.3445}

BP: 6 Mħ


Smilin' Bazzy's Used Shipyard


Space Thrust: 24.7 MN

Magnate is an exploration frigate of Royal Khanid shipyard designed for comfort and opulence to those who can aford it. Find out what it feels like to a be amarrian tyrant prowling subjudgated starsystem. Rub your starving vassals' nose in your outrageous wealth while they're surviving on pittance of 160K alioth missions. Make Helios great again.

BP: 5 Mħ




Space Thrust: 2.01 MN

Compact shuttle with comfortable interior, perfect for fast travel. XS Core low cost warp capable shuttle: 2 Warp cell - Madis 5 warp cell - Talemai Ship details: - Equiped with fuel monitoring - Equiped with Damage monitoring - Equiped with warp map - Atmo radar - Space radar - 6 passengers capable - Rez pod Fuel tanks accessible from the inside. Engines are military advanced For BP contact me via discord or come to see me on Haven on my location ::pos{0,27,28.3078,179.2059,24.5693} Come to see me via VR @ Wydee_ShowRoom

BP: 1.5 Mħ

ETA LH 500 MK2 Advanced Warp

Elite Transport Associates Ship Works


Cargo Lift: 600 t

Great Light Warp Huller Build for the space trucker. This ship focuses on fuel economic as well as its first person piloting. The ETA LH 500 advanced is a fully upgraded version of the basic LH 500 Costume Engine Config Available Ship comes with Equip with: 2 Adv Fright Atmo Engine L 4 Adv Fright Space Engine M 2 Adv Maneuver Space Engine L 2 Adv Fright Space Engine S For Easy Space station docking Warp Drive 600t Plus off Alioth Albatross HUD. All ETA Ships come with LvL 5 put down skills for fuel tanks, engines, and containers.

Token: 10 Mħ
BP: 2 Mħ

Mk.1 Pocket Tardis



No attributes :-(

Pocketable and close to real life scale. Fun to fly and very easy to park at Market 6. To fly, stand on the front lip in front of the "doors" and look up. There's a small section of the flight seat poking out of the windows. Hop in the seat and go do stuff.

BP: 500 Kħ

Crimson Talon

Dark Forge


No attributes :-(

Release Date and Token price TBD - Will produce a limited run of tokens for this L core Warship.

Seawing S20



Cargo Lift: 800 t

The Seawing S20 is an Old-Earth Hybrid Heavy Lift Long Range Transport Aircraft. Predating the founding of Seawing Hypersonics, the S20 takes a different philosophy to moving payloads to space. Whether empty or hauling a kiloton the massive amalgam wing's custom tuned aerodynamics do all of the work, enabling a steady climb even with the nose NOT raised above the horizon. The wing itself is capable of safely deorbiting payloads up to 3,500t, providing almost 48MN of lifting force. The ship remains highly agile even while hauling its recommended payload of 800t. Designed as a platform for various modules, the dorsal docking port on the S20 supports the attachment of additional cargo pods, the S10 or S32 Scout ships, a DSAT module, or a Tri Scanner. Featuring two crew positions and two jumpseats, the S20 interior is designed to be cozy and make the most of a minimal floorplan with a workhorse aesthetic. The cockpit view is good to excellent, with effort made in ensuring good visibility at all head angles. Modern S20's have been refit with Moltres™ shield technology, enabling them to withstand reentry and atmospheric cruising speeds that would destroy all but the most advanced of its peers. With the refit shield in place, they are capable of hypersonic cruising speeds of 8000+km/h in atmosphere.

BP: 899 Kħ

Mj _ Laser



Max Speed: 600 km/h

A light speeder; Flies fast, good fuel efficiency. Looks nice. Good for compactifying and going between district markets, as well as doing quick travels across a planet. Uses uncommon maneuver engines. Can custom edit your ship using different voxels if you ask. Once a shop is set up for it there will be some preset colors for it such as blue, red, light blue, purple, etc. Contact me on discord for me to hook you up!

BP: 50 Kħ

Arcadia Albator Warforged (Multicore)

Captain Harlock


No attributes :-(

I have quited the game, for any info contact orri. or RyanPryde in discord The arcadia albator warforged multicore ship (Blue print release Estimated) Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2VsljnVxbw&t=82s In the 2013 CGI film adaptation, Arcadia is given its most drastic redesign yet. While superficially from a distance it still closely resembles the classic shape of the older designs, the retro World War II battleship-inspired characteristics of Leiji Matsumoto have been abandoned almost altogether for something quite dominating and alien. It is far larger at double the size and mass, and much more ridiculously defined and grossly detailed, to the point that the skull-and-crossbones feature a lower jaw, hollow eye sockets, and a spinal vertebrae-like structure extending from it across the middle of the forecastle. Ominous red lighting emits from the underside layers and various holes and vents of the ship, including the eye sockets. Instead of three turrets, there are three rings encircling the hull of the vessel mounted with four cannon turrets each, capable of moving along the circumference to cover up any blind spots. There are three "masts", the last of which a Jolly Roger flag is usually flown from. In the place of wings, there are four bony harpoon-like protrusions that point forwards, with the top two being longer and skinnier than the bottom two. More protrusions jut out towards the stern of the ship, with two culminating in hook shapes, and one resembling a short bony tail. The middle of the ship is seemingly built around a large spherical mass. The vessel has an overall rocky or bony texture across the whole body, with some parts looking as if they were warped or fused onto the ship. Perhaps most interestingly of all, this depiction manages to still retain a semblance of the original bridge and superstructure, even the shape of the wood-like galleon stern remains intact. It is now powered with dark matter engines that are hexagonal in shape. The ship is in work in progress

BP: 1 ħ

Mining Barge

Oasis ShipYards


Cargo Lift: 400 t

When you have Mining flowers with ore to collect from what ship are you turning to? heres the answer forget link range fly your hub around with you on the sleek industrial mining barge this agile ship will cut down time and pain while also making the experience more enjoyable when it comes time to collect ore.

BP: 500 Kħ


Baxton Aeronautics


No attributes :-(

hi all ;) I present you the rMess, hybrid ship ideal to move small loads everywhere in the universe - radar atmo/space - conteneur S - signage system - cargo : 20 to 50 t depend your skills U can visit me in VR "baxtonAeronotics" Renember, dont buy in VR come !!! BP dispencer available at this position : - ::pos{0,27,13.7133,23.1457,54.8997} Have fun

BP: 250 Kħ




Cargo Lift: 1,000 t

“BULLPUP" **Efficient Market Runner** JYD Series **FREE BPS included!!** Market Running in style. Tired of flying boxes that are slow and sluggish. This baby is for you. This beauty fills the 500T-1.25KT off Ailoth Category. Depending on your piloting skills and engines used. This is the Baby brother to the "BULLDOG" and made for fuel saving and efficiencies. Engine placements are ideal for short moon or Space Station runs. This ships Atmo acrobatics are what you will enjoy the most upon flying. **ALL ENG are Maneuvers and L ATMO are ADV.** Ship is using Custom Arch Hud. TOKEN** comes with LVL 5 ENGINE, BRAKES, WINGS/ LVL 5 ELEMENTS. ** WILL INCLUDE ** 2x MODULAR CARGO L CONTAINER BP. Additional BPs for 100K 1x MODULAR CARGO x2 L CONTAINERS BP. Additional BPs for 200K 1x MODULAR TERRITORY SCANNER BP. Additional BPs for 200K **FREE BPS** Deaths Mercy (Pocket Ship!) 1M Value Deaths Embrace (Speed Variant!) 1.5M Value Come grab ya one. VR Station name "BoonDock Customs Ship Sales" ::pos{0,2,48.2297,114.5121,0.0000} IGN: xSKeeVx OR Discord: Skeev#3940 IGN: Bananer OR Discord: Bananer#0773 (SHOP PARTNER) Contact me for possible trades in partial payment. Willing to Barter ORE's, Component's OR Quanta.

Token: 20 Mħ
BP: 10 Mħ

VIP Taxi Shuttle



Max Speed: 2,250 km/h

This is a special ship, developed to give a lift to up to 10 passengers or crashed pilots in need. What makes this ship so special is its ability to manage over-crowded market platforms as this is what it was designed for: while it cannot protect you from market-caused disconnects and error messages, it however can easily navigate on these platforms as no obstacle is high enough to cause any problem: Unbelievably, it can hover up to one hundred and two = 102 meters (!!!!!!!) above any PLATFORM or CONSTRUCT! Yes, 102 meters were the measured maximum! Otherwise around 30 meters. We measured on the Alioth Market 6 platform which itself is 222 meters above sea level. Please refer to the screenshots. We also made sure it can reach a nice little speed, its possible maximum speed was never measured as we had to limit acceleration to 2,250 km/h (that we now call SMS = Safe Maximum Speed) to avoid damage to elements (one of the front adjustors) that we observed starting to happen at 2,256 km/h. When we shut off all engines at maximum altitude (around 4,600 m) at SMS, this ship is so airworthy it took over 20 minutes to gently glide down and land. As this ship was designed for passengers, it provides a great view thanks to large window areas and special enheightened seats positioning. You will see. And finally, we gave a very unusual yet pleasant shape to this high-speed taxi, partially inspired by those air buses seen on Coruscant, center of the Galactic Republic, in Star Wars. SIDE NOTE We had a big smile when we found out that our ship can give a few minutes of sub orbital experiences to passengers, just like Virgin Galactic's "VSS Unity" (Richard Branson) or Blue Origin's "New Shepard"" (Jeff Bezos). To do that, simply put all engines to full power, and aim upwards in "Ground Object!" mode or "Flying Object" mode. This will get you out of the atmosphere. But of course, gravity will eventually get you back and you then can do it again. So you see, you can now finally become a serious competitor to Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos! AVAILABLLE NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME ON OUR SHIP BP DISPENSERS ON ALIOTH MARKET 6 (BESIDE EDGE OF MARKET BUILDING)

BP: 5 Mħ
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