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TTA King Cobra



Cargo Lift: 5,000 t

All steel Asteroid Chaser with Copper and Gold internals, DSAT, Large Shield, 4 x XL Space (2 Mil , 2 Man), 20 Large Adv Atmos L Engines and Warp. Take a trip along the knife edge in a lady that will show you the way to the prize then defend you whilst you escape with it. Designed around the original TTA Cobra frame but with a change to non Gyro configuration and the ability to take a hit, this little lady will not fail to please. Grab your treasure and look good doing it! Price is of course subject to change due to the crazy world were playing in so please give me a shout if you're interested or wish to have a look around. I have almost completed a space only version so prices for that platform can be discussed.

Token: 123 Mħ
BP: 20 Mħ

Enterprise D (Mterprise)

DU Creators


Space Thrust: 28.3 MN

The main pic is in the harshest possible light to show any imperfections so you're not getting a MySpace angle. This is my pride and joy, a lovingly created M core Enterprise-D. An L core will follow based on what I learned. Off the bridge is the lush Captain's Quarters with all the modern amenities for any Captain that needs time alone to ponder breaking the Prime Directive. Off the other side is the main corridor which curves forward to an integrated weapons control centre. This can access the rear sides of the embedded forward saucer lasers and their associated ammo containers. Off the main corridor are the lab, then passing the lounge and lavatory as one loops back around the rear saucer to enter the rear-centrally located Main Engineering where M Shield and Warp Drive are accessible. Passing to the other side of the saucer is a large segmented area that is open for your own customization, currently acting as general crew quarters. She has L Military Engines in her nacelles, a pair of M Military on the neck flaps and two more on the rear belly for a surprising amount of 'full impulse'. The saucer is packed with embedded L Adjustors giving her great agility. She can respond to pirates by using her high space thrust to get the enemy within M Laser range, shields up, open fire, close to S Laser range, make a pass, 180, fire rearward missiles. Hopefully by then they are deterred but if it comes to a slugfest you're not out much quanta as if you can screenshot your loss I'll give you another BP copy for free. Our store is at Utopia Station, DM Deravi#6100 to arrange delivery.

BP: 20 Mħ

Magee Class

Utopia Planitia


Space Thrust: 318 MN

This model starship was built for specifically for asteroid hunting. This vessel features all the creature comforts you might need on a long journey including quarters, galley, medical facilities, and a "holodeck" for crew VR so that they may continue on projects elsewhere while in route. The deck plans are thought out in a way to protect vital ship systems while spreading them out so no one system goes down with another. Vital parts of the ship are protected by a multi-tier armor strategy employs layers of silver, copper and steel built directly into the corridors, decks and rooms. It boasts a compliment of 6 L rail guns and 2 L cannons split between 2 gunners. The 4 fighters docked in the shuttle bay hold 4 XS cannons each and can be used by a single pilot. All totaled within fighter range, this ship can deal out 59,765.5 DPS. The 2 cargo bays located on deck 2 can hold a combined 10 L containers worth of material and can be used for replacement fighter deployment as well as ammunition storage, scrap and fuel. The lower deck 4 cargo bays hold a combined 8 EXL and 4 XL containers used as main storage. Engineering is by far the most armored part of the ship with multiple layers of silver, copper and steel protecting the internals as well as external deck plating which in turn protects the above bridge from fire when the shields are penetrated. The belly of this ship during combat is meant to be faced towards oncoming fire as well as being able to burn off trajectory while returning fire. Powering this vessel is 8 Advanced Maneuver Space XL engines with 8 Advanced Maneuver Space L engines. an additional 30 Advanced Maneuver Space M thrusters allow for XYZ maneuvering. The minimum crew recommendation for this vessel is 7. Pilot: 1 Gunners: 2 Fighter Pilots: 4 It is also recommended an additional 1-4 engineers be present on each mission for emergencies. Thank you for considering the Magee Class, if you wish to see it for yourself, you may connect via VR to: Magee Class Utopia Planitia Replacement Blueprints for each fighter can be purchased for 1m each. There are no naming restrictions for these vessels however registry numbers will still be assigned. Currently there are many interested parties that are wanting the first model off the line, I will be taking bids over the course of the next 2 weeks. Please feel free to message me on discord if you wish to bid on the first model. Edit: After doing a speed test, this vessel can make 30,000km/h in just over 4 minutes. The auction has ended and the final bidder has claimed their ship for the first edition! However the price will continue to be adjusted due to the daily fluctuations in the ore climate. Contact me if you wish to purchase. Blueprint Caveats: The registry will be designed and assigned along with this BP. Fore screens will be blank upon deployment and will need to be updated with the registry manually.

Token: 500 Mħ
BP: 150 Mħ

Ssss v1



Atmo Thrust: 60.9 MN

A small speedboat that can fit many ship hangars. Elegantly and almost organically shaped, it reaches speeds in excess of 2150 km/h. Look at its shape, no doubt this boat will attract lots of attention and envy. You can purchase it here, but if you go to Alioth Market 6, there are two disopensers that sell a LIMITED AMOUNT of blueprints for a slightly lower price. Find them at that platform that also has the market building on it, beside the white elegant ship. Ship and dispensers will be at the market for a limited time only, so if you look for a special deal, you better hurry. V2 is out and waiting here for you! Improvements: - storage on board - even higher speed - longer flight duration - more airbrake power - more forward engine braking power - more fuel capacity And the best is: from the outside there is almost no difference! All stated specs here on DU Creators are those of V1 AVAILABLLE NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME ON OUR SHIP BP DISPENSERS ON ALIOTH MARKET 6 (BESIDE EDGE OF MARKET BUILDING)

BP: 995 Kħ




Space Thrust: 2.02 MN

Replication of star wars A-Wing: reworked voxels by 30.04.2021 dimensions and in Engine Specs close to what is consideres lore ( bigger Version) its the second ship i made. i finalized it after beta start. Features: - 1 XS Ammo Container per Gun - has maneuver engines for good control in space at low speeds - weapons can be customized to the extend fitting the cockpit controller with regard to skills. - engines all military Fuel: - every tank and the ammo containers are accessible through fuel intakes - seperate fuel tank for vertical booster, to be able to land safely when out of main fuel ( 50-100L will be sufficient) - atmospheric fuel tanks for main ( M) and auxilary engines ( s) dont need to be fully filled depending on desired mission Maintenance: - hatch in the bottom gives access to all internal parts that are not visible from outside Updates on the voxels will be free in case the customer asks for them i will probably not have the time to actively distribute those. for different colors and materials and guns please contact me, i will be happy to customize it as you need it. i can also offer skills aplication to get the best performance out of it.

Token: 2.5 Mħ
BP: 1.5 Mħ

Ares RT-1

Aproz Inc.


Cargo Lift: 500 t

Weapons: 1x Railgun S / 1x Rocket launcher S / 2x Canon S 3 Seats with Atmospheric Radar, Space Radar, railgun, canon, scanner, warpengine, L container, etc. pm me for more informations Contact Aproz#7439 for purchase.

BP: 2.3 Mħ

Helix S



Max Speed: 2,100 km/h

This hover board designed with 3 Rare Military Atmospheric S engines shoots you off in a couple of second. 0-2000 in 10 seconds. Very usefull if you are operating in a big area, the construct is compactible so you can take it where ever you want.)

Token: 1.5 Mħ


Super Powerful Pro Army


Space Thrust: 1.28 MN

SPPA Industries proudly presents CaPe's "Needle". The "Needle" is a sleek warp-shuttle/courier to conveniently and cheaply carry 3+ persons around the system. 2 warp cells between Alioth and Madis, 7 cells for Alioth - Lacobus. Tired of hauling yourself around in a heavy, expensive warper? Embarrassed to park your eyesore around the corner, so nobody has to see your bulky element-monster? Search no further, because the "Needle" is here to inject you with confidence. The elegant and lean design allows for an eye-catching yet modest appearance in every situation. From now on the front row parking spots are reserved for you! A very low cross-section allows for re-entry speeds above 2500km/h with barely a scratch. Two advanced military M-size atmo engines result in comfortable cruising in atmosphere at 1600km/h (depending on pilot). One advanced military M space engine delivers more than enough thrust to quickly orbit and reach warp-distance. Common travel time between any destination on Madis and Alioth typically takes less than 15 minutes. Two upward space engines enable easy maneuvering at space stations and moons. Two XS containers carry more than 60 warp cells and/or a small amount of cargo. Space radar and a handy resurrection node round off the package. The tiny frame makes it also an ideal shuttle or tender to keep it docked at a bigger vessel. Many elements are hidden expertly to maintain the clean lines of the ship. Yet they are easy to reach in case of an emergency. All elements are placed with skill 5. Comes with Dimentia Hud and Damagereport. Ask us for installation of SatNav. Attributes noted for a zero skill pilot. Comes as classic white Needle, black Imperial Needle, red Bloody Needle or copper/green Camo Needle. Custom recolor options available on purchase of a token: Free choice of color for rear panel and glow. Custom main body color 1m. Feel free to let us know about your further customization ideas or requirements. Contact Andri#8273 or Belorion#3127 in Discord for Tokens and customizations. Visit our Needle Shop on Alioth with Surrogate "SPPA Alioth Ship Shop" Blueprint Dispensers available at ::pos{0,2,17.6264,92.0228,262.7136}

BP: 2.5 Mħ

DMC DeLorean (Sw33tP34 Update)



Atmo Thrust: 1 MN

Updated Delorean - Free Blueprint VR to "IED Showroom" to see the car or visit in person to pick up a free Blueprint, on Madis, at ::pos{0,1,0.0404,-76.7929,612.5930} A slew of improvements over the original, check that rear number plate, cleverly done interior, and a new rear end that looks more like the hover version of the car. Keeping this as free as the original.


Caterpillar P1

Shadow Templar


Sustentation Speed: 0 km/h

The Caterpillar P1 is an XS core miniature version of the XL. Designed for fuel efficient transport of personnel from the ground to space and back, it uses less than 30L of fuel per tank for a round trip. Go on joy rides all day without going bankrupt in fuel costs! Included with your purchase is a DRM-free blueprint of the docking cradle I designed for it. The model uses only nanocraftable materials, so it should be easy to spawn. Currently located at: ::pos{0,2,40.5581,92.2868,3.0116} | VR: "ST Alioth Ship Shop" We now have a discord for Horizon support! Join for updates on new software releases, ship sales, and chat with other Horizon pilots out there: https://discord.gg/EQtmDVXcQH

Token: 5 Mħ
BP: 4 Mħ


McLovin Transport


Max Speed: 840 km/h

Poseidon would be envious of this little pocket rocket. Giving you the comfort that till never be stuck out at sea again. This little baby packs everything you need into a simple design that has been test flown for thousands of Kilometers by multiple pilots through rain, hail and shine

BP: 1 Mħ

Starline series: Aries

Valley Corp Ship Builders


Max Speed: 982 km/h

SALES PAUSED DUE TO INDUSTRY UPDATES --- Space Accel: 2.13g Space Brake: 2.57g Starline Series: Aries Executive Transport is your own personal comfort vessel for cruising around the system. Passenger suite comes with bed, private bathroom and mini-fridge (container XS) for that extra fuel or other space necessities. Though not primarily designed for it, it's estimated to be able to carry 50t of cargo out of Alioth, if refitted with cargo containers. Custom paint job can be made upon request. Designed and built by Valley Corp Ship Builders & Expo Contact jd#5817 (DymoGallo) on Discord or /u/Javoire on Reddit for purchase.


EVE Myrmidon

Praetor Shinzo


Cargo Lift: 1,000 t

The Myrmidon is an EVE online battlecruiser replica. It's one of the few vertical flying ships in Dual Universe and I must say it looks awesome! It's my best work so far and finally for sale. It can haul a decent ammount of cargo (800 tons into space from Alioth). However, the true purpose of this ship isn't to haul a lot of cargo but to impress everyone around you. I'll have a VR pod on it a.s.a.p.

Token: 80 Mħ
BP: 30 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 4.84 t

Presenting the Fokker It is a atmo only stunt flyer that makes flying look easy even when you cant fly. it handles like a dream and is verry fun to fly. You can see it preform in this video i made: https://youtu.be/C9mC8yOVmjg token price depends on market prices and colours can be chosen. available at vr Station "vanhercks place". location: ::pos{0,2,-69.9631,164.8905,2.9633} southpole For token contact vanherck In game or vanherck#7572 on discord

BP: 800 Kħ

Mining platform



Cargo Lift: 4,000 t

Maximum efficiency, 6 l engines + 4 l maneuverable, if necessary, are installed as the main ones, 3 scanners - simplified mixing between scanners using an elevator, 7 l containers - it is possible to install another 2, 2 l tank + 2 m tank, 2 xc containers ::pos{0,2,11.6007,109.2237,2.2867} Coordinates of our base Surrugate - EAGL MARKET https://du-creators.org/makers/ChingizHan Contact: DM Discord - Valeriy#8451 Write in a personal Dispensers broke again

Token: 28 Mħ
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