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Voxel Sets

Shield Control



No attributes :-(

This script offers all shield functions on any size screen or screens. It uses touch buttons and is well tested. If you are interested, join my scripting discord at https://discord.gg/ttajxhZYXY

Individual: 10 Mħ
Resale: 25 Mħ

Shield Screens

Fox Racing


No attributes :-(

v1.1 - Added customization via lua parameters - change the look to match your setup. See a video of the interface in action (descriptions are in the subtitles/CC of the video): https://youtu.be/_1-vTFibuoo This is a direct replication of the shield unit's control interface, placed on screens so it can be used from seats, at engineering stations etc. Future Proof (uses the new screen RenderScript technology). Each screen manages it's own energy pool, allowing for multiuser or as pool presets. To install: https://github.com/RobRocketpants/DU-ShieldScreens Feedback and requests are welcome.

JST++ Surface Translation script



No attributes :-(

Since 2019 JSE++ Surface Translation script Specific for bases railed Trams Systems and Gigantic Dynamic voxel sliding doors. JST++ runs a compact version of the operating system Default++, allowing you to control with ease your construct every single parameters from anywhere on your construct, with its unique system of on player screen widgets Default++ is an on player screen widget system, where you can interact with your mouse the widgets and buttons, drag and resize widgets at will JST++ is as of today uncontested the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use and configure Axis Translation script It will fit for any type of weight and will give you enough parameters for you to play with to achieve the best performances It is sold as any size of core as a BP with a DRM remote on it 2 products are proposed: - 1 BP for the everywhere script, can be spawned and used anywhere - 1 core size "Core BP" for the railed setup script, can only be used on the rails it is configured for An on site 10min installation is required by myself For multiple (regardless the size) rails setups on same platform an all sizes "Core BPs" package is proposed for 50M quantas (including configuration) The script includes an admin access, restraining settings access or not, to users Main Features: - Easy stations configuration - Easy Lane and Parking spot configuration - Automatic Lane driving - Automatic parking - Speed adjustment And you are welcome to come test it anytime at: ::pos{0,2,25.7655,72.8746,6.4975} Contact me on discord for more info, or watch the showcase video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtpjJkLufF0&list=PLSrOHyyuLniqTD0Yt8bH5JQrxGTsZrgmC&index=10

Individual: 20 Mħ

Orbital HUD



No attributes :-(

The original DU Orbital HUD/ButtonsHUD/DimHUD - A full autopilot and HUD suite. It is on stable version 5.453 at current, and no further updates are planned. For a more fully-featured Autopilot/HUD (but potentially less stable), check out ArchHUD https://github.com/Dimencia/DU-Orbital-Hud Support is provided at the Open Source Initiative Discord, dual.sh/osin, in the #tech-support channel

Individual: 1 ħ

Simple AGG screen UI



No attributes :-(

Simple AGG control UI for S screen. Far left slider controls the altitude, the "Alt Lock" button prevents it from being moved accidentally. Min is 1km and max is 10km. There are also 2 lock buttons to prevent the Agg power button from accidentally being toggled. The 2nd slider moves to display current current agg base altitude altitude the center box shows also. The right box shows your ships current altitude. The script can be customized if needed (may be an additional fee depending on complexity) Future proof, uses new lua UI changes. Setup includes: Control board, S screen, Databank (optional, but sometimes displays inconsistencies)

Individual: 1 Mħ
Resale: 5 Mħ
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