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Canis Minor



Space Thrust: 2.4 MN

The Canis Minor is an XS-Core Warp Shuttle designed by fridaywitch for the Kosmos organization. Designed to be as light as possible, it uses some premium parts like rare freight engines, advanced containers, and Lithium honeycomb. In an attempt to keep the weight down, it is designed for more advanced pilots with some piloting talents trained. Your movements need to be very deliberate, if you decide to try to take a real sharp turn in atmo, it will not respond well to that and you may have to come to a complete stop to change direction. For those of you without talents, don't worry! There is a small rocket in the bottom to help push you out of Alioth's grasp. If purchased as a blueprint, the engines may be difficult to source, but nearby the dispenser is a button to get you coordinates to friday's cauldron. In the cauldron is an engine shop with the engines for sale at a reasonable price. If purchased as a blueprint, the force fields will simply be blue. Bring the ship to friday and she'll color them at no cost! Warp cell costs with 26 cells and full fuel tanks. Madis: 3 Thades: 4 Talemai: 7 Feli: 9 Sicari: 10 Sinnen: 11 Symeon: 11 Jago: 12 Teoma: 13 Ion: 13 Lacobus: 13 If these numbers seem high, it's because Athena decided to more than double the weight of adjustors and warp drives. These numbers are quite low in the grand scheme of things. Any questions? Direct them to fridaywitch in game or fridaywitch#7850 in Discord! Feel free to VR to the "Kosmos Ship Showroom" or fly there in person at the following coordinates! ::pos{0,2,37.3932,105.7450,94.3130}

Token: 5.5 Mħ
BP: 1 Mħ

Canis Major



Cargo Lift: 11,000 t

This is the Canis Major, made by fridaywitch for the Kosmos organization. Blueprints: 12 million. 1 million if you want friday to color your roof force fields. Token: 70 million If buying a blueprint, the force fields will all be blue as refer-a-friend skins aren't saved through blueprint. This is a M-Core hauler tested to 11kT off of Alioth without AGG assistance (with average level 3 piloting talents). I wouldn't be surprised if it could do 12kT but I am too lazy to test it. XD The Canis Major is meant to be a home among the stars with a personal room (with locking bedroom door), a lounge, and a very spacious engineering area. It has a sleek and modern looking hull with our Kosmos style decoration on the roof. When buying a token, you can specify which color(s) you'd like and which colors you want to be more prominent in the design. Each one is colored individually and will be unique as a result! Engines: 24x Advanced Military Atmo L 4x Advanced Maneuver Space XL 2 Advanced Freight Space XL 4x Uncommon Safe Space M (for downward thrust) Features: Anti-Gravity Generator Large Advanced Shield Over 4000kL worth of storage space Warp Drive Saga's Autopilot HUD Damage Report Safe Travels script for safer hauling through pvp space Davemane42's script for the entrance to deny access to unauthorized people Military atmospheric engines for punching a heavy payload out of atmosphere A mix of Maneuver and Freight space engines for fuel efficient travel Downward thrusting engines for easier landing on space stations, moons, and asteroids (just press C!) Lightweight sodium voxel for the hull to reduce weight while still being shiny Kosmos logo in the roof acts as a "sun roof" in the lounge for more party fun! If you've got any questions or are interested in buying, message fridaywitch#7850 on Discord or PM her directly in-game at fridaywitch. If you want to see it in-game, VR to "Kosmos Ship Showroom" or travel to ::pos{0,2,37.3932,105.7450,94.3130} which is roughly 7km east of Alioth Market 6.

Token: 70 Mħ
BP: 12 Mħ

Ente 3R 2022



Cargo Lift: 10,000 t

Dispenser on Alioth: ::pos{0,2,53.9943,95.8569,630.6118} Legends never die. You know the Ente as the iconic creation by Chewie. You might even know of the 3R upgrade created by Resource that improved this great ship with a voxel overhaul, conversion to polished blue steel, enhanced engineering, and improved performance. The Ente has angled wings create the iconic Ente look and provide superb stability while yawing and rolling in atmosphere! You'll love the way this ship flies. We're Proud to Announce The Ente 3R 2022: After a lot of requests Resource finally broke down and obtained permission from Chewie to bring the 3R back to life in a 2022 variant that builds on the previous improvements. In this new version you'll find: - More adjustors - XL Space Engine - Improved Engineering - Advanced Military Atmo Engines - Advanced Military and Maneuver Space Engines - Advanced Optimized L (10) Containers - Advanced Military Vertical Boosters - Updated Interior - Voxel Improvements - 4 Upward Facing Space Engines - Sagacious Hud - Archageo Hud - Damage Report - Koruzarius Augmented Reality Damage Sciript - Diven's System Map https://youtu.be/SsrcFBkUe-g - Equinox OS Fuel and Cargo Screen - Safe Travel Info Each door has two buttons. The button to the side of the door opens the door and extends the ramp (If Applicable) for 10 seconds. The small button above the door opens the door and holds it open. Click the button again to reset it to the closed position Prefer to have a shield instead of the Anti-Grav? The Anti-Grav room can be turned into a shield room! Need both? Throw that bad boy on the XS landing pad. We won't tell anyone. Need a DSAT? Throw that puppy on the XS landing pad. It's ok, it's your ship! We hope you'll come by and get a blueprint for yourself. Want to Upgrade? If you have a previous Ente and want to upgrade, Resource is offering a free upgrade. You'll need to bring the difference in parts between your current Ente and the Ente 3R 2022 and break down the old ship into its containers. Resource will deploy your new ship with level 5 boosts! Better than 10kt? Uh yeah, probably ... the 10kt and was no sweat off Sanctuary with a 15ish degree angle using my Level 5 pilot. I did it without without AGG. You can probably do better, also without AGG, if you are a better pilot than me. If you use Anti-Grav ... the limit is the containers.

BP: 35 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

BP: 50 Mħ

The Claw



Cargo Lift: 200 t

Get your goods across the planet in a snip with our first ship "The Claw". Built as an atmospheric courier ship, it is capable of carrying 2 full S containers with over 200t in mass. The ship is fully styled and looks great from top to bottom. Fully loaded, "The Claw" will hit over 900km/s, making those long distance shopping trips a breeze and gives you no excuse to not travel for the best prices. Includes easy access to all elements and it handles like a crab in sand! We have got the most out of an XS core and given a roomy interior for a single passenger. All elements are easily accessible and to assist with long flights there is a secondary fuel tank for the hover engines, meaning you can go faster for longer. Fully scripted to handle doors opening, ramp operation and lights, it also includes full damage report screen and a customised fuel management screen all within easy view of the pilot. Customisation options available for additional fees. Search "Helix Industry" on VR to check out the ship currently in the parking bay (showroom in progress).

Token: 900 Kħ




No attributes :-(

BSS factories are proud to present the war battleship "Arcadia" !

Token: 1,000 Mħ

Hyperion WarpCrucior

Plan B (Hyperion)


Space Thrust: 2.95 MN

The Hyperion WarpCrucior is part of the second-gen series (first from right in the series-picture, second from the right is the VoCrucior S -the handsome one-, and second from the left is the ComCrucior -compactable-) succeeding the original Hyperion VoCrucior. The WarpCrucior is the biggest of the series. It sacrifices huge parts of agility of the ComCrucior and the interior of the VoCrucior S in favour of a warp drive. The stats as shown on this page are at tuning level ~4-5, WITHOUT piloting skills! The following stats (acceleration stats in g) are WITH maxed piloting skills and fully filled engine tanks. The WarpCrucior in atmosphere is capable of ~1988km/h straightline with the agility of a truck, in comparison to the other series ships. Brakes are around 15.5g while the acceleration is an okay 5.5g. The low altitude lift is enough to get you off the ground, however do not expect it to cushion your fall much. With 3.36g of high altitude lift, this ship will fly comfortably, even with some load, however this is not an agile ship at all. For more information about the default Lua Script, the VoCrucior S has some more details in the description. If you're interested, contact mc_xerxes | Corny#2323 for a copy of the Blueprint or visit the location as it is mentioned in the sidebar for dispensers in the lower floor. Once you have placed the ship, the only thing left to do is to set up the emitter and receiver channels inside to the same channel name of your choosing. Should you wish to have access to the lua scripts, just contact ZarTaen#6409 and he will remove the DRM of the scripts for you. Note: This ship is not completely repairable without build rights! In order to access the containers and the core unit, it is NECESSARY to remove the voxels in the area of the top fuel intakes and move some elements around. Yes, this is not ideal, but frankly this ship design has been adapted to warp and was not designed around it. For any questions about the ship, contact ZarTaen#6409. Fly dangerously o7 UPDATE for Demeter: https://github.com/ZarTaen/DU_VoCrucior_UI

BP: 15 Mħ

RMS BB2 Hornet

Raven Moon Shipards [RMS]


Cargo Lift: 500 t

"Bee is small and mighty!" "That's not a Bee" A space ready version of the Bumble Bee, with plenty of power to get you off the planet! Powerful Mini Hauler In tests the Hornet was able to lift 600t of cargo into orbit, with good skills. It is a must for running to the local markets quickly and easily. Dodging clogged landing pads and towering constructs! Plenty of thrust to get you into space and a trip to the local moon or distant planet if you feel daring! Equipped with Military Atmospheric and Space engines, this model can be supplied with basic versions at a reduced cost, on request. Stats in G Atmo: Max Thrust - 6.82g Brake Force - 26.4 Hover - 14.2g Space: Max Thrust - 5.12g Brake Force - 10.3g Seats: 6 Features: L container Gyroscope Military Engines

Token: 3.2 Mħ
BP: 1.5 Mħ

Onyx Air Speeder - FREE



No attributes :-(

After reports of safety hazards from the U.E.F. issued speeders, Alioth Resorts set out to make an economic starter speeder for newbies that could be purchased or crafted day one, and allow them to avoid ground collision hazards!

CZ2I28 Delta

Jurekiedi Inc.


Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

Atmo Thrust: 0.37g Cargo Space: 10 Large Containers Cargo Capacity: Infinite (3kt without Anti-Grav) Space Thrust: 1.86g Has 4 XL Space Engines. If used, AGG = Infinite Cargo. I can provide BPs with or without AGG. Contact Jurekiedi#9910 on Discord for purchase.

BP: 2.5 Mħ

Atomic Light Hauler Mk1

Billiam Shiplines


Cargo Lift: 300 t

Presenting the Atomic Light Hauler. With a lift capacity of 300-350T+ (depending on skills) this ship is great for anything from galactic tourism to mining your way across the galaxy. Also bring your friends along with seating for 8 with luxury accommodations inside. Currently there is functionality for motion sensing doors as most other buttons and switches are for aesthetics/future development.

BP: 1 Mħ

Hermes Class



Space Thrust: 0.396 MN

Aesthetic, multi-role Personal Transport craft with Atmosphere -> Space capabilities tested on Sanctuary, rated for 25T takeoff capacity. Highly maneuverable, at rest and at speed, responsive controls, braking and acceleration. Features extremely low forward cross-section, allowing faster-than average safe re-entry speeds, and can fly effectively on Sanctuary with 70T of cargo.

Token: 1.75 Mħ

Flyte MkII



Cargo Lift: 0 t

Flyte MkII is a fast and easy to fly atmospheric vehicle that is great for a variety of tasks within planetary atmosphere. This ship is fast to lift off and easy to land making it a great choice for new players or anyone who struggles to fly atmospheric ships. This ship flies very well and is great for circling crowded landing pads to find a good landing spot. Also a great site seeing or touring craft as it can circle an area at low speed without losing lift. Blueprints of the Flyte MkII are free (1h) and full ship is only 200kh so this ship is within reach even for new players. Includes your first tank of fuel for free! The Flyte MkII is compactible meaning you can put this ship in your pocket and take it with you anywhere! This feature however means cargo space on this ship is non-existent. Even without cargo space, this ship can lift up to 3 times its own weight so fill up your nanopack and you are still good to go! Ship Weight: ~10 tons Weight Capacity: ~30 tons No stacked or overlapping elements so this ship is ready for the coming stacking changes in game. Come and get yours today! 34km from Alioth Market 6 ::pos{0,2,24.2374,112.8746,-0.0002}

Token: 200 Kħ
BP: 1 ħ

Celestial Skipper



Space Thrust: 1.92 MN

The Celestial Skipper is a XS Core Warp Shuttle designed to be cheap on warp cells and look good while doing it. Using only 9 warp cells fully loaded to warp 500 SU its the perfect ship to get you and some scrap out to far places. T4 Handling Talents Applied Token Prices (Varies Based On Current Market Prices): Basic Engines - 5M Uncommon Military Engines - 6M Advanced Military Engines - 7M Contact me on Discord "Bob_Is_High#4587" - For any questions - Delivery of Tokens (At no extra cost) - Blueprints can also be bought at my Sanctuary Tile (Cords in my location) - Visit "BCI Showroom" to see the ship

Token: 5 Mħ
BP: 2 Mħ

Kestrel Redtail Type U

Built by Usli310


Cargo Lift: 5,035 t

Welcome to the "Kestrel Redtail Type U". Inspired by the original Kestrel FTL, the Kestrel Red Tail Type U steps it up a notch to bring the classic design into the post- Demeter era! An all new sleek style n spacious interior including new n improved cockpit, sleeping quarters, Anti-Gravity-Generating ability, and all direction freedom in space! Featuring: -Anti-Gravity Generator -Directional Thrusters -Additional fuel tanks -Atmospheric Radar -Resurrection node and Surrogate VR station n pod -Warp cell map n calculator -Damage n fuel hud -DU-Orbital Hud -Automatic doors n ramps with manual inputs *Atmospheric Brakes outside! *Nothing Stacked! *No voxel errors! *****Uncommon Millitary Atmo Ls x10, Uncommon Millitary Space Ls x8, and Basic directionals.***** Also: check out my engine upgraded version of this model called the "Kestrel Redtail Type U Extreme" Now viewed, and sold @ Captains Customs To visit the showroom n check it out: ::pos{0,2,14.2029,102.3581,0.0000} VR showroom : Captains Customs

Token: 55 Mħ
BP: 25 Mħ
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