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HWSS Tranquility Mk2

Aerogics S & T Co


Cargo Lift: 8,000 t

*** Honeycombs Info *** It is recommended to reduce usage of aluminium as it became heavier. Carbon fiber is the lightest, with wood & brick next. Here is a suggestion on what to change: black pattern plastic => matte black carbon fiber galvanized black aluminium => matte black brick gray aluminium pattern => glossy gray carbon fiber polished dark gray aluminium => glossy dark gray carbon fiber polished gray aluminium => this is the main honeycomb, swap for carbon fiber or bricks depending on your preference glossy red plastic => for the colored strips, the new lumi work good there *** The HWSS Tranquility is a very efficient M core hybrid ship, able to fill pretty much every roles: Hauling & Missions: can lift 7-9kt out of alioth (without AGG, depending on pilot skills), two hubs: one with 10 containers L, the other with 3 containers L (can be increased to 7) Can be equiped with (elements not included): - Deep Space Asteroid Tracker, with an easy access from pilot seat, or that spot can also be used as landing pad for a small speeder / warp shuttle - Anti Gravity Generator, with a dedicated spot in middle of ship - L Shield on front of ship, using the "enclosed front" - 3 scanners with several spots all over the ships Quick placement guides for those elements are included via info buttons Standard version is T2: - 20x T2 military atmo - 2x T2 military XL space - 2x T2 maneuver XL space Kit provided allows to change colors and ship front to either: - Open with landing pad (can fit any XS or a tiny S core) - Enclosed, to place L shield or 4 extra containers L, and landing pad on top An insane amount of time has been spent on the voxels! Complexity is about 90% on most chunks The very first version of this ship is as old as beta and has gone through several reworks. Mk1 became a fairly popular ship, and, Thanks to all owners feedback over time, this Mk2 is a real upgrade on several aspects: more efficient, modular and pretty! Like all Aerogics ships, comes with lifetime warranty (check profile page for details)

BP: 16 Mħ


RZR Corp


Cargo Space: 768 kL

*Starliner has been re-released with a core flip, it will now work with all HUD scripts.* Built for hauling, the Starliner has plenty for room for hauling your cargo while being light enough to save on warp cells for the return trip. Equipped with anti-grav for the heavy loads and enough braking to to stop quickly even with a full load of hematite. Comes with ShipInfo script, AAG controller and automatic landing gear script. Drop by our VR station "RZR Corp Showroom" to see it in person. Dispensers with Blueprints on site. DM Tethrazor#6730 on Discord for Tokens.

Token: 40 Mħ
BP: 6 Mħ

Dark Guardian

Dark Forges


No attributes :-(

Dark Guardian is a carrier ship! You can use this ship to give your fleet the support it needs when fighting far away. This ship should preferably not be directly into battle, but it should be able to take a few hits and hopefully the rest of the fleet will have time to protect it before it breaks. This is still a work in progress and pls come in VR and see it for you self VR: Dark Guardian more info on the Attributes will come when it is finished

Starline XS Warp Shuttle [Free Blueprint]



Space Thrust: 3.73 MN

I decided to made all my blueprints free, because I'm not really interested in making credits in game. So here you go, guys. You are busy man and you need to get from point A to point B as fast as possible? Starline XS warp shuttle is what you need. Maybe it isn't handling as a racing ship, but it's fast in straight line and will get to to your destination in no time. Although military engines it's cheap, usually it's not a problem for succeseful novean which this vehicle is made for. VR SquareBunny Workshop (Don't buy BP in VR! You will loose it!) Dispenser location at Haven ::pos{0,27,-84.8597,76.6146,375.0862} I can deliver blueprint to Alioth. Just message me at Discord. Discord: SquareBunny#3589

BP: 1 ħ




Space Thrust: 17.1 MN

Sometimes the most futile gesture can reap the biggest rewards. Enter the newest ship to Czars Ship Spot, the Futility for wreak-roid operations. Futility does not negate ones desire to fly in style. You don't need to fly element only ships that you have to stare at for hours in transit when you can fly a great ship with some style. It's goes fast, it brakes fast. Remote onboard with Aerogics Miner HUD to monitor radar and mining ops while wreak-roiding. Fully lvl 5 buffed, stats are shown in G's with lvl3 pilot talents Check it out in VR at "Czar in Space Showroom" or in person here ::pos{0,0,-42144.2562,202336.7322,33471.9932}

BP: 600 Kħ


Prometheus Protocol


Cargo Lift: 3,800 t

Here comes the sun... If you are looking for a reliable hauler and you want to shine like a star at the same time, this treasure is made for you! Novas unique and eye-catching exterior design is going to be a sensation on every ship show. Her luxurious interior design turns every hauling mission into a relaxing and cozy holiday trip. Nova is specialized on hauling heavy loads out of atmosphere. With 10 Uncommon Optimized Container L (8 x L container + 2 x L container cargo extension), she can haul up to 3800 tons out of Alioth atmo (tested, full 3800 t needs some ground speed of min. 800 km/h). The cargo extension can be easily removed / added on demand. For the entire list of elements as well as Novas specification, please see screenshots. The interior design is luxurious, while still offering a wide range of customization possibilities. Different from usual interior ship designs, Nova provides a feeling of freedom due to the spacious structure of the interior and has room for additional interior extension as well. Nova comes with a siwmming pool and an openable sun deck to enjoy the night sky while swimming or to take a sun bath wherever you are. Novas HUD is vanilla, but is shipped with the famous Ship Info script by Aerogics and the mind blowing AR Damage Report script by Koruzarius. (thanks for the awesome work guys!!!) Further special thanks go to: - Saedow for the luxurious swimming pool (https://du-creators.org/makers/Saedow) - Vorkan for the cockpit design inspiration (https://du-creators.org/makers/Paragon%20Hex) - Saedow & Krienas for frequent feedback while building Nova To ckeck out Nova, please visit VR: Prometheus Ship Showroom Feedback is highly appreciated! Cheers & happy hauling!

BP: 14 Mħ

hulk I



Cargo Lift: 600 t

Build finished at 12/5/2022 A great ship for beginners with 0% flight skills you can haul 250 Tons of cargo from alioth to any planet, moon or station you like. Allready have some flight skills on top of some ship boosts ? you can easy lift 500-600 tons up into space ! Contact me on discord for token stock; MrPain010#8369 You can also see the ship in VR @ MrPain Shipyard 2x Large Basic atmospheric engines 2x Large Basic space engines 1x Ressurection Node 1x Passenger seat 2x M space fuel tank 1x Atmospheric fuel tank

Token: 4.5 Mħ
BP: 1 Mħ

SL Starstream

Arch Tech


Space Thrust: 54.5 MN

Introducing the Arch Tech SL Starstream: Luxury and Efficiency Combined Looking for a space-only ship that offers the ultimate in class and efficiency? Look no further, Arch Tech’s SL Starstream was catered to warp large amounts of ore across the verse with safety and cost efficiency in mind. This thin sleek vessel can haul up to a million liters (rare variant) with trained talents and excels at warping large amounts of ore from space station to space station. By eliminating atmospheric elements, the SL Starstream keeps your wallet a little thicker after buying all those warp cells to fuel your countless adventures. Focusing on life cycle costs, the ship is equipped with rare space engines, boosters and containers to ensure maximum efficiency in weight while achieving a minimal cross section for speed. At Arch Tech, safety is a top priority. Rest assured that you and your colleagues will feel safer in the event a server failure or if your pilot loses power while you are mid-warp hauling millions worth of ore. The SL Starstream is equipped with a rare capacitor shield M to keep you and your precious cargo safe long enough to get back on your feet and get moving again. This also provides ample protection for those daring pilots entering PVP space with intent. Step aboard Arch Tech’s new Star Liner class hauler and warp to a world of luxury and comfort. The ship's interior is elegantly designed, with a single bridge capable of hosting its captain, co-pilot and up to four passengers comfortably. With ample seating and storage space, the SL Starstream ensures that everyone on board can relax and enjoy the view on their journey. Experience the perfect combination of luxury and efficiency with the Arch Tech’s SL Starstream. Book your trip today and discover a new world of space travel. On display now at Arch Tech’s Showroom located at Alioth Space Port. *Stats shown represent the Advanced Variant. (Rare Variant offers lighter weight for warping dry, more thrust and larger storage capacity) Blueprint Dispenser Location: ::pos{0,2,7.4134,80.7503,226.9723} Customer Landing Zone: ::pos{0,2,7.4069,80.8376,230.2508} VR: Arch Tech - Showroom Advanced Token: 40 Million (Rare Capacitor Shield is included since there are no advanced shields) Rare Token: 52 Million *All Tokens include level 5 buffs and a final quality control check before they are transferred to the customer. Indefinite support is also included by us as long as we are still playing the game.

Token: 40 Mħ
BP: 7.5 Mħ

E 14 Eclipse - ADMI

Gray (GrayLeader)


Cargo Lift: 100 t

The Eclipse is a cooperative ship design between Emladra and Dothack is first ship among several in the future that will be released. It is very very stable with skills sustain speed is like 70km/h so glides super well it is mainly a warp shuttle but can carry 100tons pretty nicely in 1g. Design is inspired by the RSI Mantis from star citizen are skills are improving. . Ship bp is available for purchase at Alioth vr "admi build store"

BP: 2 Mħ

DoMoCo D-350

Doodle Motor Company


Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

Ask about financing starting at 1,500,000 h down! You're not interested in all the frills, leather interior, shag carpet and the rest. You need one thing, and that's reliability. You need something that you know will take you where you need to go, and never let you down. You need something built Doodle Tough. At Doodle Motor Company, we strive to deliver performance, quality craftsmanship, and service beyond reproach. With the D-Series of Haulers you will find a workhorse of a vehicle. The D-350 is ready for lifting the larger loads. This 2 Kiloton hauler will move your material each and every time you need it to.

Token: 11.5 Mħ




Cargo Space: 1.433 kL

space only hauler Features: 4 XL Advanced maneuver space engines 8 Container L 18 Retro-rocket brakes L 16 Vertical boosters L 48 Adjuster L Warp VR: Galactic shipyards

BP: 1 Mħ

Xenon S

Blackstone Inc


Max Speed: 49,000 km/h

The Xenon S is the Space going variant of the Xenon Pocket Ship. It comes with Advanced engines and Uncommon Vert Boosters. Top Speed is over 49000 so great for quick runs to do calibrations if you don't want to warp. 6000 cargo capacity. Blueprint and parts now available at Blackstone Inc.

Token: 5 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 6,000 t

Rhino, a true industrial beast, inspired by the stellar mining vessel from BSG. She can lift more then 1100kl of Hematite in one go. She sails the clouds like a true blast furnace. Is fuel efficient , has a big entrance to make access easier, even with all your tools in hand. If you accellerate too fast she will burn the skies around her to be even hotter. She steers like a mercedes. For inquiries, contact Nlundu or SgtWarlock

BP: 2 Mħ

YT-2000 transport

SNS Sentinels


Space Thrust: 15.1 MN

Build by Knight-Sevy#6239 The YT-2000 transport was a model of freighter produced by the shipbuilding industrie of Sentinels. Contact : Knight-Sevy#6239 It is built in such a way as to be as close as possible to the real scale while adding the "DU" dough and as details as possible. Characteristics : The YT-2000 transport is a space cargo model built around an S size core. Unlike civilian freighters, this one has a shield and laser weapons. It has a transport tonnage of 120 kL. The YT-2000 transport has 14 M-sized maneuver engines that allow it to reach its maximum acceleration of 12G in seconds. It can be piloted either by a single man or in a duet with a pilot and a gunner. Role: The YT-2000 is an admirable space freighter for its extensive cargo capacity, strong defensive systems, incredible maneuverability and extensive modification possibilities. Its multiple advantages, its lightweight design and its low purchase cost make the YT-2000 transport a significant asset for any asteroid smuggler. => Sold with 6400 l of fuel and 1600 ammo. => Ship sold with all civil element handling level 5 => Dispenser with BP and all element in. Provide a 52 kL container to be able to take the batch. => You need Few PvP handling talent to use the 4 laser => You can add a warp drive in the main corridor and 2 elevator each side to access to the cockpit. ::pos{0,22,-50.9662,35.4389,5.2612} VR: SNS Sentinels Showroom


The Duality

Space Force One


Cargo Lift: 3,500 t

The Duality is a high performance hauler with 20 Container Ls and 17 Advanced Military Atmo Engines to get the job done. It will lift fully loaded with most mined minerals and will haul a half load of Hematite without issue. It features AGG and can lift limitless weight to space with AGG. It is warp capable and has a landing pad on top for a Divinity S core ship or any other S or XS ship you want! It also features AGG for unlimited weight potential. The open spaces have been left open for your own customization. Extra customization available, just ask for what you want! Come visit us at ::pos{0,0,-313343.0662,978877.0950,-453292.8373} OR Visit us in VR. Search for "SF1 Showroom" I will place the ship for you if you bring me the parts and the blueprint. I have level 4 placement skills in everything and 5 in a few. I will be at full 5's in February. Feel free to stop back by for handling increases!

BP: 5 Mħ
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