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Space Thrust: 319 MN

Nautilus Freighter A Large Bio Mechanoid creature .Living and thriving in the Vastness of space . These Passive creatures are easily captured and fitted with armor plates . There Huge open interior body's fitted with large numbers of containers . Although Nautiloid are a Primarily a space organism its installed armor allows it to enter planet atmosphere's . Found to only be the 3rd Largest Bio Mechanoid in the New Verse with its fast growth rate and passive nature the Nautilus fills out a bulk of the Nemesis fleets . the Military versions packed with heavy armaments and a very thick shells Description WIP

BP: 30 Mħ

The Falcon



Cargo Space: 1,344 kL

Cargo ship made for mining asteroids comes without AGG standard has an EZ install room for one

BP: 45 Mħ


Smilin' Bazzy's Used Shipyard


Space Thrust: 24.7 MN

Magnate is an exploration frigate of Royal Khanid shipyard designed for comfort and opulence to those who can aford it. Find out what it feels like to a be amarrian tyrant prowling subjudgated starsystem. Rub your starving vassals' nose in your outrageous wealth while they're surviving on pittance of 160K alioth missions. Make Helios great again.

BP: 5 Mħ

Destiny One

Loaded Industries


Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

Loaded Industries presents Destiny One medium hauler if your looking for a new stylish daily runner i hope we have you covered with this new original design by loaded, 3kt hauler with 6 large containers, fitted with all advanced engines, medium shield, warp drive etc everything you would expect, very easy to fly and very agile to move around, full interior design, blue print only no tokens as of yet, any question please message me on discord. stats shown are with lvl 5 talent buffs applied and some pilot skills, as i dont have a character with no skill at all no more, if you are a skilled pilot with pilot skills you will push 4kt of alioth you can view in VR search for loaded industries and you find the ship located on the open air showroom space with dispenser ::pos{0,2,37.6266,109.2195,-51.3445}

BP: 6 Mħ

Einstein Mk2



Space Thrust: 3.24 MN

A light-weight warp hauler & passenger transport, for those that can’t wait for normal space and time. Now offering the Mk2, upgraded to carry more weight and more passengers, as well as easier access to the fuel tanks and containers for repairs. Rated for a base 150T (1.0g), this ship will carry essential passengers and cargo at unmatched pace, in both style and substance. It retains the distinctive panoramic flight deck of the original, allowing you a brief glimpse of the majesty of FTL travel. All stats are given with no placement and day 1 pilot talents - stats will only improve with talent training.

BP: 2.5 Mħ

TR - 381 - L

The 16t Experience


Space Thrust: 5.99 MN

A little Ship to cruise around, Fly up to ypur Space Station, Start miners and having fun on your way to them. It also got 2 S sized Containers for extra Fuel or Scrap. It goes 45 200km/h in Space. Stats are boosted between skill lvl´s from 4 - 5 so there is a little more to get out of it. If you buy a copy a boosting Service is included. Most skills are lvl 5.

BP: 1.2 Mħ

ISEKAI Courier



Cargo Lift: 100 t

Atmospheric hauler/courier. Great starter ship for missions, or hauling ore. Cheap/Easy to build. All honeycomb materials used can be made using nanocrafter. With zero pilot skills I have had this ship will take a full load of ore. (Around 100t). Fast with great manoeuvrability even while loaded. Can be upgraded for space flight. Sold as Blueprint only on Alioth at my location ::pos{0,2,-19.7467,125.9551,79.7045}

Token: 1 ħ
BP: 200 Kħ

The Eclipse

Captains Customs - Ship Sales


Cargo Lift: 25,000 t

The Eclipse Large Core Hauler - 7680KL Cargo Capacity 25+ KT Cargo off Alioth with 45.5 G's of atmo brake power (so that you can land that heavy load easily) Come see us in person at Captain’s showroom 12km Southwest of Alioth Market 16 ::pos{0,2,19.3636,110.1164,13.5872} or visit Captain’s Customs Ship Showroom in VR Ask about token prices! Markets are changing fast.

BP: 50 Mħ

Cheeky Chipmunk



Cargo Lift: 160 t

The Cheeky Chipmunk is a tailored autopilot mission runner. Fly up to 10 packages for the 160kℏ Ailerons mission with a single click. Flight time 6m 15s. Blueprint and Parts available at ::pos{0,2,42.5843,94.4400,191.5014}

BP: 20 Mħ


Prometheus Protocol


Cargo Lift: 3,800 t

Here comes the sun... If you are looking for a reliable hauler and you want to shine like a star at the same time, this treasure is made for you! Novas unique and eye-catching exterior design is going to be a sensation on every ship show. Her luxurious interior design turns every hauling mission into a relaxing and cozy holiday trip. Nova is specialized on hauling heavy loads out of atmosphere. With 10 Uncommon Optimized Container L (8 x L container + 2 x L container cargo extension), she can haul up to 3800 tons out of Alioth atmo (tested, full 3800 t needs some ground speed of min. 800 km/h). The cargo extension can be easily removed / added on demand. For the entire list of elements as well as Novas specification, please see screenshots. The interior design is luxurious, while still offering a wide range of customization possibilities. Different from usual interior ship designs, Nova provides a feeling of freedom due to the spacious structure of the interior and has room for additional interior extension as well. Nova comes with a siwmming pool and an openable sun deck to enjoy the night sky while swimming or to take a sun bath wherever you are. Novas HUD is vanilla, but is shipped with the famous Ship Info script by Aerogics and the mind blowing AR Damage Report script by Koruzarius. (thanks for the awesome work guys!!!) Further special thanks go to: - Saedow for the luxurious swimming pool (https://du-creators.org/makers/Saedow) - Vorkan for the cockpit design inspiration (https://du-creators.org/makers/Paragon%20Hex) - Saedow & Krienas for frequent feedback while building Nova To ckeck out Nova, please visit VR: Prometheus Ship Showroom Feedback is highly appreciated! Cheers & happy hauling!

BP: 14 Mħ

Dot Metis

Dot Hack


Max Speed: 830 km/h

Dot Metis is first series of Dot Interplanetary of ships that is being introduce after the release. Dot Metis is a pocketable ship with an over engineered wing left. Come and pick up your ship today. Free BP. Update: All ships come with T5 buffs, just message me in discord to find a time.

BP: 1 ħ

Raven FR



No attributes :-(

Whether you simply want to see the sights, or defend the skies, the Raven series has you covered. With 4 variations to choose from, plus customization options, you can make the Raven you fly your very own. **Raven, Raven P, and Raven C now offered in non-cockpit versions. **With the full release of the game, the ravens are getting slight voxel updates. As such the Raven FRP is currently the only ship available in the series. Raven FR - This base is the foundation of the Raven series. With a sleek carbon fiber body and powerful thrust capabilities, you can get to where you're going fast and look good doing it. Along with incredible atmospheric performance, it's space capabilities make it great for traversing from planet to moons. Raven FRC - The Raven C is the cargo variant of the Raven. With the use of 2 XS cargo containers and an easy access container relay, you can count on it for whatever light hauling you need to do, whether it's transferring things from base to base or simply picking up purchases from the market. Raven FRA - The Raven A is the assault variation of the Raven, and the most customizable of the series. The carbon fiber body has been replaced with steel, allowing it to take a beating IF they can hit you. This agile fighter is designed for "in-and-out" strikes and perfect for supporting larger craft. Coming base with a small space radar and 2 XS Cannons, it can be customized for atmospheric radar, or changing out the dual cannons for 1 Railgun, 1 Laser, or 1 Missile Launcher. Raven FRP - 300,000 Ever wish you could carry a ship in your pocket? Well now you can! The Raven P is the atmosphere only version of the Raven, but losing it's space capabilities makes it compactible. Be careful though, just because it doesn't have space engines doesn't mean it's not powerful enough to reach space, care should be taken when flying to high atmosphere at high speeds to not accidentally go in to space.

BP: 300 Kħ


Aerogics S & T Co


Dry Weight: 400 t

Janus is a space only ship, on S core Made mostly for asteroids, it can carry two containers L along with DSAT, and a spot for warp drive Two extra containers L can easilly be added in place of DSAT Powered with a mix of T2-T3 freight and maneuver engines, it is higly fuel efficient with a max speed of 40k Can be seen on VR: Aerogics Janus *** Honeycombs *** Aged Brown Pattern Wood 2: cockpit interior Glossy Beige Plastic (cold): cockpit interior Matte Gray Platic: main color (white) Aged Gray Pattern Carbon Fiber: secondary color (black) Polished White Aluminium: metal parts Luminescent White Glass: interior and exterior lights (should keep those white unless you really want colored lights everywhere) Luminescent Red Glass & Matte Dark Red Plastic: colored strips, recommended to keep those two HC with same color

BP: 3 Mħ

Starscream MK6



Atmo Thrust: 0.56 MN

This is the space ready version of the Starscream, with basic atmo and space engines. It includes both space and atmo radars. Max space speed is 49885 km/h (Note: The version in the images above was upgraded to military space and atmo engines. The version for sale has all basic atmo and space engines)

Token: 6 Mħ
BP: 3 Mħ


Captains Customs - Ship Sales


Cargo Lift: 10,000 t

“And he strode forth unto the field, atop a white steed. Clad in shining mail, brandishing a burning sword, The men who had been busy at the work of war, Quieted themselves and began to quake in fear... For Death lurked among them... And he had come to teach them a lesson in battle.” Famed Aliothian Poet Implausible, in the dedication of his Vanguard. The Vanguard... What you see when you examine this ship for the first time is 160 meters of artistry. Of nuanced corners, elegantly placed artwork, detailed flying buttresses... What you come to realize over time, however, is that this ship is no show pony. It’s a Warhorse. One that has clad in mail, smacked in the face and fed a diet of high protein milkshakes and amphetamines. This Warhorse is pissed off and means business! With an armored core and safe room, two flight decks and a landing pad, and kilotons of armor, the Vanguard is the foundation of your navy. The rock on which to build your church. Your heavily militarized church... The Vanguard began life as a custom order. When a pair of slightly deranged ship buyers looked at the Valiant Battle Carrier and thought “..... you know what...that battleship needs more guns and armor...”. After he stopped crying, Master-shipwright Dragosphere stammered “...they’re right... the crazy bastards are right....” and proceeded to extend the Valiant in every dimension. The result... more than just a war machine of horrifying destructive power, more than just a statement or status symbol... He crafted the technological embodiment of a God of War! Come see it in person at Captain’s showroom 9km SouthWest of Alioth Market 16 ::pos{0,2,20.6263,110.9953,106.1835} or visit Captain’s Customs Ship Showroom in VR Captain’s Customs – Personifying Deities on demand!

BP: 75 Mħ
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