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Y-Lift M5 0T XS - Planck - Passenger Space Elevator



Cargo Lift: 0 t

This little marvel, with a size of only 10x10x18 voxels, is a passenger space elevator that takes you 1su (200km) up in just 2:45 with zero personal talents. At level five it takes just around two minutes. As other constructs powered by Yoarii's Flight Script, this one support multiple routes, side ways movement and all the good things. For complete description of the capabilities of the script, please join the SVEA discord at https://tinyurl.com/svea-du and read the manual. The script is limited to the number of engines of the original model. BP and parts are sold in separate dispensers.

Token: 6.9 Mħ
BP: 6 Mħ


Smilin' Bazzy's Used Shipyard


Space Thrust: 24.7 MN

Magnate is an exploration frigate of Royal Khanid shipyard designed for comfort and opulence to those who can aford it. Find out what it feels like to a be amarrian tyrant prowling subjudgated starsystem. Rub your starving vassals' nose in your outrageous wealth while they're surviving on pittance of 160K alioth missions. Make Helios great again.

BP: 5 Mħ

Destiny One

Loaded Industries


Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

Loaded Industries presents Destiny One medium hauler if your looking for a new stylish daily runner i hope we have you covered with this new original design by loaded, 3kt hauler with 6 large containers, fitted with all advanced engines, medium shield, warp drive etc everything you would expect, very easy to fly and very agile to move around, full interior design, blue print only no tokens as of yet, any question please message me on discord. stats shown are with lvl 5 talent buffs applied and some pilot skills, as i dont have a character with no skill at all no more, if you are a skilled pilot with pilot skills you will push 4kt of alioth you can view in VR search for loaded industries and you find the ship located on the open air showroom space with dispenser ::pos{0,2,37.6266,109.2195,-51.3445}

BP: 6 Mħ




Space Thrust: 319 MN

Nautilus Freighter A Large Bio Mechanoid creature .Living and thriving in the Vastness of space . These Passive creatures are easily captured and fitted with armor plates . There Huge open interior body's fitted with large numbers of containers . Although Nautiloid are a Primarily a space organism its installed armor allows it to enter planet atmosphere's . Found to only be the 3rd Largest Bio Mechanoid in the New Verse with its fast growth rate and passive nature the Nautilus fills out a bulk of the Nemesis fleets . the Military versions packed with heavy armaments and a very thick shells Description WIP

BP: 30 Mħ

The Falcon



Cargo Space: 1,344 kL

Cargo ship made for mining asteroids comes without AGG standard has an EZ install room for one

BP: 45 Mħ

SC-3130 Bullfrog Light Cargo



Cargo Lift: 300 t

SC-3130 Bullfrog Light Cargo is an S-Class hauler designed to deliver 300 tonnes of payload and 12 passengers to orbit reliably and with minimal fuss. It has excellent in-space docking / maneuvering capabilities, reasonable electronics, rugged design and good aesthetics. Single-pilot ready, but has fitted space for a second crew member to aid in navigation and other flight duties. VR-node included in the design allows for remote clients to self-load and receive cargo, no matter where your contracts take you. Bullfrog -- It hauls. Good.

BP: 128 Kħ

Hybrid Mark 1

Hybrid Ships


Cargo Lift: 1,200 t

Hybrid Mark 1 was designed for flying your daily route with style. 50% DISCOUNT on November Visit by VR "HYBRIDSHIP" Located on Alioth ::pos{0,2,62.1184,118.2054,15.9096} The Ship is using a lot of good parts to spare weight and be fast: - 8x Uncommon Military Atmospheric Engine L - 5x Advanced Military Space Engine L - 4x Uncommen Optimised Container M and so on. Keep in mind: I dont got the best stats yet. So with Level 5, the ship will be a lot better. On purpose I can change engines and all stuff needed into common T1 or even place some Container L to enhanced Cargo Capacity. Any Questions or wishes? Just let me know! Write me on Discord Tiggy#7840 Your Captains Cabin is well suited already with a bit room to change stuff. Also the Cockpit got a lot of place for several more seats and so on. - AGG ready - Warp ready - Radar Space / Atmo included Ship has a very nice handling! Easy to navigate and fly. Any Questions or wishes? Just let me know! Write me on Discord Tiggy#7840

BP: 4.5 Mħ

Inter City One

Titan Aerospace


Cargo Lift: 0 t

Inter City One by Titan Aerospace is a fun pocket speeder, driven by 3 medium atmo engines for maximum thrust and compactible with a full fuel tank. Even on basic engines top speed is over 1,200 km/h, depending on talents. Built for speed and agility its great to fly and means you'll never be stranded. The engines can be upgraded for even higher speeds.

BP: 200 Kħ


Golden Oak Industries


Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

Artemis is the sister ship of the Dagda, but with a twist. Anti-Gravity Capable! The ships hull is primarily Carbon Fiber with some Aluminium and Icy Blue Glass Voxel making for a very lightweight hull with a wide view Canopy Windshield allowing for an excellent field of view when piloting first person. Exposed flight elements are minimized allowing for a less cluttered ship exterior. The cargo and fuel storage are all Tier 3 skilled (may be upgraded after deployment.) Features - ∙ 12 Large Uncommon Maneuver Atmospheric Engines ∙ 2 Extra Large Uncommon Maneuver Space Engines ∙ 4 Large Cargo Containers (at 665.6KL with T3 Skills/may be upgraded) with room to add more ∙ Command Seat, Two (2) Auxiliary Workstations, and Additional Seating for Four (4) Passengers ∙ Small Anti-Gravity Generator with Six Pulsars ∙ Medium Shield Generator ∙ Small Space Radar ∙ Secured Elevator Upper Deck Entry System ∙ Two (2) VR Booths for Off-ship embarkation ∙ VR Pod for Incoming visitors ∙ Onboard Resurrection Node

BP: 6.15 Mħ

Pocket Rocket Mk V



Max Speed: 2,200 km/h

**BLUEPRINTS AND TOKENS NOW AVAILABLE** VR= D4NKWORKS SHIPYARDS **UPDATED for RELEASE** The body and voxel work has been cleaned up, all smooth lines and angles where and how I want them thanks to the VPT. Logos (screens on wings) can be changed and to w/e u want. Fully Compactable!! Extremely maneuverable. Stops on a dime. Up to 3500KM/H+ depending on skills/engines. Placements all T5 (as soon as available). 😎 The perfect pocket ship to have for emergencies, just to get around in style, or even to race with friends!! Racer Rockets are being tested and redesigned into new atmo racers. Contact me to arrange a pick up in-game! IGN: D4nkkn1ght https://discord.gg/uUx47tR DM Me @ Dank#9076 in Discord twitch.tv/d4nkkn1ght

Token: 2.5 Mħ
BP: 500 Kħ

Caterpillar XS 300

Shadow Templar


No attributes :-(

*** Special Launch Sale of 1mil/blueprint until Oct 21st!! *** The Caterpillar XS 300 is the perfect starter elevator. Tested with 0 talents and 0 boosts to lift 300t into space on Alioth. The elevator uses basic components making it an easy spawn for early-game. There are no tall elevator shafts required for this platform, and you can place it anywhere; all it needs is a flat pad to land on. The sophisticated code running the Cat XL Enhanced will keep it in a straight line from the ground to your space station and back, with minimal deviation. Set your base station & space station altitude in the Lua parameters, then all you need to do is turn it on and press the button on the on-screen menu for where you want to go. You can still take manual control of the craft if you need to make any adjustments. "We are entering the era of tower-less space elevators in Dual universe thanks to this impressive piece of engineering" - JC Baillie Tokens are currently not available but will be in the future. Blueprint dispenser located at: ::pos{0,2,28.4686,76.0296,99.4222}

BP: 1 Mħ


Captain Harlock


Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

--DU creators website is very bad i got hacked do not trust it-- All likes removed from my ships I proudly present the Stiletto and its fully upgraded twin the Stiletto PRO. A new and affordable, luxury hauler designed for all players old and new. Aspiring pilots and veterans alike are guaranteed to find something to love about the Stiletto. Every aspect of this vibrant, medium core ship has been carefully thought out and hand crafted to achieve maximum performance without sacrificing any functionality. You notice right away the incredible voxel work alone justifies an equally well thought out placement of elements, ensuring the performance matches or exceeds that of others in its class. Let’s take a closer look at what each model is capable of. Stiletto The Stiletto comes ready and willing to shift 3KT, rated at 1G on Alioth, to space and back safely. This is possible due to the 6 Basic Large Containers providing over 1000KL worth of cargo capacity with basic talents. It comes with an Anti Gravity Generator, Warp Drive or Shield Generator in its blueprint. There is however room for them and space is marked out for easy placement. Other notable features include XS roof garage and multiple control setup at the bridge. Stiletto PRO After countless hours perfecting every detail and enduring a dozen or more flight tests, this 5KT, rated at 1G on Alioth, tourer can carry up to 2500KL worth of cargo to space without the assistance of AGG.(Auto pilot safe 3KT) This model does however come with anti-gravity placed as the centerpiece of the entrance hall meaning the technical limit is what you can safely lift to 1km from the surface of your current planet. Other notable features include warp capability, rare capacitor shield size M, XS roof garage and multiple control setup at the bridge. Comes furnished throughout with unique voxel decoration. You can find the entrance towards the front of the ship. There you’ll find the force field ramp and entrance to the main hall. On both sides of the hall you will find switches for lights, force fields and screens. At the back of the hall is a placeholder for the shield generator and in the middle is a center console where information about cargo, fuel and ship status can be displayed. By default I have chosen to use the open source LUA coded by Krengus at ASTCo which should remain updatable, Albatross HUD from CodeInfused in the back seat and Arch HUD from Archaegeo in the front main seat that i recommend to use as it flies a lot better Above the console area is a circular landing where an AGG can go and above the bridge, on the exterior of the ship, you will find the housing for easily placing a Warp Drive. The Stiletto was built in anticipation of a game wipe. I wanted the base model to be affordable in terms of elements. The Stiletto PRO is my attempt to push the hull to its limit and create the best performing version of the ship. Please try for yourself and leave me feedback in the comments. I want to hear what you like about it and I’m open to honest criticism. The color of the forcefields it will be normal blue when you spawn it. Special Thanks to FinalX, RyanPryde, Scourgy, fridaywitch, (LUA experts CodeInfused, Krengus, Archaegeo, Koruzarius, RobRocketpants ) Kosmos, Hadron and everyone else who helped me design and create the ships you see before you. // For any information or Token request contact me on discord Captain Harlock#8115 - FinalX#2672 or RyanPryde#8917 - Midacre#3312 // Tokens are available! (upon request) Basic version 50 million quanta Pro version 80 million quanta The basic and Pro version Blueprints will be sold separately All the Buyers of the basic version the can get a Pro version Blueprint for the half price All the elements are buffed with LvL 5 talents VR: Kosmos Public DSAT Showroom Dispensers : Alioth Exchange Green hall 7 Alioth Kosmos HQ Location ::pos{0,2,2.8943,105.4507,53.0078}

Token: 50 Mħ
BP: 10 Mħ

Mj _ Laser



Max Speed: 600 km/h

A light speeder; Flies fast, good fuel efficiency. Looks nice. Good for compactifying and going between district markets, as well as doing quick travels across a planet. Uses uncommon maneuver engines. Can custom edit your ship using different voxels if you ask. Once a shop is set up for it there will be some preset colors for it such as blue, red, light blue, purple, etc. Contact me on discord for me to hook you up!

BP: 50 Kħ


Obsidian Paradox


No attributes :-(

2kt Hauler

BP: 5 Mħ

A-Team Van (GMC Vandura)



Max Speed: 1,800 km/h

Does it even need introduction? It has advanced military engines on it and it can do 1800km/h in atmo without even starting to burn, which is quite impressive! There are 4 extra seats so you can carry friends around in style. If you take space engines and space fuel tank off, then you can turn it into a pocket rocket!

BP: 300 Kħ
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