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Giedi Prime I



Cargo Lift: 1,000 t

fridaywitch, using her summoning circle, has found a way to pull ships from other galaxies and dimensions! Giedi Prime I 2.5 million for a blueprint 16 million for a token Giedi Prime S Add an additional 2.5 million for autopilot, featuring SAGA's Autopilot HUD. For her first finding, we bring you Giedi Prime. An imposing image of darkened aluminum, precision cut for a sleek look, this ship seems likely to have been used as a daily driver in another dimension. It seems to be quite well-rounded in performance and has two small drones to help with ship maneuvering. Around 200kL of storage, eight large engines (4 atmo, 4 space), and warp drive, this ship seems to be able to handle any job that's under 1-1.5 kilotons depending on talents and skills. Coming in at a dry weight of under 500 tons, it warps pretty inexpensively considering its size and power. Military atmospheric engines help you punch out of Alioth's grasp with ease, and the Safe space engines firing on twice as fast as maneuvers will make you feel like you're hitting the NOS in space. Giedi Prime has a little bit of space for some cozy living quarters, but it comes unfurnished as each person's needs differ and the alien world this came from is definitely not anything like ours here in the Helios system. The ship is on display at the Kosmos Showroom (you can VR there), and the blueprints are available there as well as at the Alioth Exchange in the green hall (just look for the giant tree!). If you're interested in a token, please contact fridaywitch#7850 on Discord or DM her in game at fridayxwitch. All blueprints and tokens are FULLY BUFFED to level 5 maximum on everything!

Token: 16 Mħ
BP: 2.5 Mħ

Destiny One

Loaded Industries


Cargo Lift: 3,000 t

Loaded Industries presents Destiny One medium hauler if your looking for a new stylish daily runner i hope we have you covered with this new original design by loaded, 3kt hauler with 6 large containers, fitted with all advanced engines, medium shield, warp drive etc everything you would expect, very easy to fly and very agile to move around, full interior design, blue print only no tokens as of yet, any question please message me on discord. stats shown are with lvl 5 talent buffs applied and some pilot skills, as i dont have a character with no skill at all no more, if you are a skilled pilot with pilot skills you will push 4kt of alioth you can view in VR search for loaded industries and you find the ship located on the open air showroom space with dispenser ::pos{0,2,37.6266,109.2195,-51.3445}

BP: 6 Mħ

ELXR Manta S

Elixir Engineering


Space Thrust: 2.02 MN

Presenting the first ship I feel okay selling...the ELXR Manta S! A sleek, fashionable, little S-core warp shuttle/transport. Uses 6-7 cells to Madis and Thades, this ship takes inspiration from the majestic Manta Ray and other stingrays of the oceans on our original home - Earth. I will be selling ships I've made along my journey of learning more and more voxelmancy, this one utilizes some nice smooth lines that I learned from an org member. The interior contains a few screens currently with nothing on them. I am hoping to learn some LUA, but for now, they are blank so you may put whatever you want on them. Please message me on Discord for now as I setup my shop, thank you! Discord: eevielixir#3317 GIF of lights in action: https://media.giphy.com/media/RqOkwkocUVISPYG1IL/giphy.gif

BP: 1 Mħ

Rifter EVE Online

Jupiter Arms


No attributes :-(

Rifter Exoplanets Hunter SKIN. Legendary ship. The best MMO game about space. Made with love for fans! Details of the ship in a personal discord. The Rifter is a very powerful combat frigate and can easily tackle the best frigates out there. It has gone through many radical design phases since its inauguration during the Minmatar Rebellion. The Rifter has a wide variety of offensive capabilities, making it an unpredictable and deadly adversary. Rifter is strong by its falloff bonus. It shows off in Solo PvP fight in ability to Scram Kite. In a fleet PvP, Rifter is ok for newbie pilots as can be fit for quite solid tank.

BP: 40 Mħ

Star Citizen MPUV Argo Cargo DU Version 1.0

Heretical Union of Yetis


Cargo Lift: 1,000 t

It's Dual Universe version of MPUV Argo Cargo from Star Citizen, blueprint are based on basic elements (recommended switch to advanced elements) Specification - Cargo Lift from 300 to 1000 t depends on pilot talents and elements (average pilot with basic elements - 500 t) - Double fuel tanks M (atmospheric and space - 2 + 2) - 3 programming boards with 3 screens (lua scripts not included) - Basic Container L (192kl at maxed talents) - Radars (atmospheric and space) - Resurrection node + VR station + Surrogate pod - Lighting system (navigation + strobes + external/internal + landing) via 5 manual switches with relays Please see in VR station - MPUV Argo Cargo DU Version BP dispenser - ::pos{0,2,48.7896,92.4038,6.0869}

BP: 2 Mħ


Dark Forges


No attributes :-(

The Tellus, a hybrid tri scanner ship. A good ship for searching for those valuable ore without having the need to pack up the scanners, and still be able to break orbit. It has even a small hangar on the top were the X4 300, an updated version of the X4 Surfer will fit. The X4 300 have a system were you can ride the X4 and open the hangar doors and land inside the Tellus

BP: 5 Mħ

Aiure II

The 16t Experience


Max Speed: 1,100 km/h

Have a look on my new ship the "Aiure II". It is a daily driver made for Marked run´s, misisons, starting miners, shuttle mate´s or them good´s. Since it has all Maneuver Enignes it low an fuel consumption but fire up quickly. Two of the four containers on it can easily be swoped out for a Warpdrive or Shield. Hell you might swop´em all out and build a big chill out area with sofa´s and benches in there. 4 M Container 4 L Atmo Maneuver 3 L Space Maneuver See the last picture for stats! Feel free to reach out in Discort if you have any questions. VR to "16t Ships" to have a look!

BP: 2 Mħ

Carley Morrison AES 01



Atmo Thrust: 0.758 MN

The Carley Morrison is the bike you want. Forget the nanobike and get a blueprint of this badass motorcycle. This vehicle has a gyroscope, an atmospheric radar, all advanced military engines for speed, both atmosphere and a little bit of space. ********* Please visit our showroom on Alioth. Location: ::pos{0,2,-1.1581,166.0308,-0.0001} Or visit our showroom on Alioth. VR name: AESIR showroom ********* Feel free to ask me questions about the bike.

BP: 249 Kħ




Cargo Lift: 2,500 t

Bonjour, Arcadia corporation vous présente son nouveau "acardia ship". ce vaisseau de luxe pourra vous emmener partout avec grande faciliter. Ce vaisseau dispose de: - 2 rails gun advanced de précision taille M - une transmission de distorsion - de radar spatial M - d'un Shield M - d'une salle de VR et de résurrection - d'une salle de repos - de 2 conteneurs L - d'une salle gunner - Full Moteur Rare Au niveau de cette compétence à Tom vous allez vous sentir comme un noveans dans l'eau ( très facile à piloter), comme dans l'espace. Vous pouvez retrouver un distributeur dans l'arcadia Tower ( grande tour en acier beige) pour pouvoir acheter le BP à 100 000 000. Pour les tokens il suffit de nous rejoindre sur la discord d'Arcadia corporation ( https:/discord. Gg/j. Vtu9 ubGmy ) ou de MP matman2a#0754 ou Verplex#1525 Vr: Arcadia corporation city Pos: ::pos{0,2,27.0232,17.3000,-0.0001}

BP: 50 Mħ


Vortex Geometry


No attributes :-(

Vortex Geometry is delighted to provide you with this fan machine is for you and for your friends.. Game machine "snake" ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Everyone's old favorite - "Snake". Compete with your comrades in the record table - attached to the game, on the top screen. And also has two game modes, in the "LUA parameters" the mode "death against the walls" or "transition to the other side" ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Key features: - The game has two modes - The game has a leaderboard ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ NOTICE!!! * When ordering more than one token, you get a discount 10%(Token). ** Software developer [VG]: SamStrand#1353 If you have any questions, or want make order - please contact me on the discord.

Token: 2 Mħ

The 420 Freightliner



No attributes :-(

The 420 Freightliner is a light duty hauler. it also comes with 420 Frightlifter BP

BP: 250 Kħ




Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

Welcome. You found the ship, or did it find you? Blazing in atmosphere, brisk in space, the Tiger represents Seawing Hypersonics' pursuit of the highest performance level at the lowest price point possible! Featuring an all T1 loadout leaving ample room for upgrades, the Tiger's carefully tuned layout and minimized cross section achieves (with placement buffs and talents) a top speed of 2,500km/h in atmosphere. The ship comes with a modular XL cargo pod consisting of 3 L containers, which enables the ship to handle 1.8kt delivery missions. Like all our ships, the X50 prototype was subjected to over 300+ high speed burn stress flights, with adjustments made after every single flight to reduce burning of its functional elements. The cumulative results of this work is a very high degree of heat resistance baked into the hull design, enabling it to shrug off and push through flames that would have long melted rival ships. The Tiger sits in an ideal middle ground for daily driving. Light enough to handle like a nimble bird when empty, yet with the muscle to move all the ore you'd need to on a daily basis. Its modest tonnage allows for warps that, while not so cheap as a shuttle, won't break the bank either! The Tiger comes fully fitted with a cozy space-maximizing interior featuring: -Functional cockpit switches -Copilot seat with a full set of controls -Gunnery station (the ship can easily mount an M shield generator between the front forks for conversion into PvP capability) -Dedicated server rack to run all your scripts -Surrogate pad -VR pod -Resurrection node -Pilot quarters -Restroom -Kitchenette -Dining/lounge area -Excellent exterior views -Top and Bottom hatch ingress/egress If you've been looking for your 'Millenium Falcon', try a Tiger today! Visit the ship in VR under 'X50 TIGER' For Heat Shield activation instructions, and hypersonic flight instruction contact Seawing Ingame! Hotkey guide: Alt-1: Parking Brake Alt-3: Hypersonic control mode (use this to prevent overloading the heat shield during speeds > 1800km/h) Alt-4: Standard control mode (the default it starts in) Alt-5: Performance mode (maximum pitch/roll rates, do not use during high speed flight, you will overload the heat shield) ++Update 1.14.23++ Voxel art on the top plate completed! You can customize the stripe color during deployment by replacing Glossy Steel voxel. To hide the stripes, simply use Glossy Aluminium.

BP: 1 Mħ


Space Force One


Atmo Thrust: 2.01 MN

Atonement is the first part of my VTOL series. It is a pocket ship that takes off vertically then rotates using a gyro to fly forward. Come see us at ::pos{0,0,-313293.9187,978937.8481,-453302.0252} OR Visit us in VR, Search for "SF1 Showroom"

BP: 1 Mħ

IWAC Tsunami

Wicked Wonderland


Cargo Lift: 750 t

The IWAC Tsunami is a a lesson in pragmatic design, with every aggressive edge and element placed done so with an eye towards performance. The result, a pocket monster - an aggressive S core that will get you where you're going fast. It will happily haul a nearly a KT into orbit, or burn itself to pieces in a straight line. Basically its a perfectly balanced racing hauler with attitude. Treat it nice and it may not rip your face off. Tokens prices available on request (with some lead time). Live life, fly Wicked - visit Wicked Wonderland Ship Shop today ::pos{0,2,34.7992,86.1957,231.5103} Live life, fly Wicked - visit Wicked Wonderland Ship Shop Discord today https://discord.gg/wGzhV45KWz

BP: 750 Kħ

Atlas XS Max by Hadron



Cargo Lift: 750 t

--Tokens Available with uncommon Mil Atmo L and Uncommon Maneuver Space L -- --Tested with Lvl 3 pilot talents 400tons to space 1.5kt to surface -- Hadron’s signature voxel work and Jeronimo’s feature packed JSE++ have come together to produce our first series of tower free space elevators! Our elevators are tuned to provide lightning fast transportation of goods and personnel, to and from space, with minimal fuel consumption and effort. What sets our products apart from the competition is our elevators use a number of atmospheric and space brakes to slow the craft rather than using engines to do so which burn a lot of fuel. By using brakes, a huge amount of cargo can be brought safely down from space. A suite of scripts are provided to make ownership of the ATLAS series easy and quick to set up. Included with the elevator are: Damage Report AR (augmented reality) for monitoring fuel and overall weight at a glance Space Core Aligner for accurate core deployment from the elevator JSE++ elevator script for maximum control and performance tuning The JSE++ flight script provided by Jeronimo, offers a huge number of parameters for you to tune the elevator to your liking. Flightscript will come in an LITE and PRO version with different feature sets. Comparsion list can be viewed at our base. Some notable features include: - Default++ windows system, draggable windows, interactable buttons - Up to 9 easily adjustable and renamable floors - Customisable orientations vectors for gravity elevators or shaft elevators - Various customizable engines settings, approach and travel speeds for empty or full cargo - Automatic engines power on/off - ECO Mode (uses gravity to accelerate the elevator back down to the planet) - Dynamic Augmented Reality floor selection interface - Hot keys for quick action (ALT + 1/2) - Admin list for allowing only certain people to adjust parameters - Blacklist to exclude certain people from using the elevator - Interface available in 3 languages: eng / fr / ger - Super hot script support Cargo @1G with (Advanced Atmospheric Engines) and lvl5 Pilot talents: 750t going up to space 1500t going down to surface Cargo @1G with (Uncommon Atmospheric Engines) and lvl4 Pilot talents: 450t going up to space 1500t going down to surface Fuel consumption: Cargo 750t 125km atmo and space ~5% Full roundtrip 16% atmo 8% space Cargo 0t / 125km atmo and space 2% -- full feature video of the flight script will come after release -- Showcase of an easy space core placement : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUxOL6ydCKQ Quick demo of the elevator (XS MAX): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIesj0XYORU Call me on discord for an personal tour: RyanPryde#8917 Visit us in VR: Hadron HQ Alioth

Token: 30 Mħ
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