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XS Sunfish

Banzai Buddies XS Ship Sales


Space Thrust: 1 MN

Back from Beta the XS Sunfish XS Dynamic Core designed after a Sunfish 1x Medium Atmo Fuel Tank 2x Space Fuel Tank Small 2x XS Containers Linked Orbital Ready can fly into Space just no vertical thrusters to land on space pads. Great for flying around alioth with flair. Capability May Change depending on skills, my flight skills are only mediocre currently. Surrogate Teleporter up to "Banzai Buddies XS Ship Shop" located 16km from Alioth District 6 Market near lake. ::pos{0,2,43.0854,103.3924,206.6535}

BP: 35 Kħ


Vortex Geometry


Cargo Lift: 450 t

Vortex Geometry is delighted to provide you with this hybrid class ship designed for small cargo transportation to any point in the galaxy, be it planets / moons / stations. The ship is equipped with both atmospheric and space strafe engines. As well as a vertical space engine for comfortable landing at stations in open space. The presence of a warp drive will allow you to almost instantly move between distant objects in deep space. The ship itself is equipped with a unique HUD developed by VG SHIPYARD. Current version VG HUD v0.3.0 (20 NOV 2022) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Additional equipment (free and include in BP & TN): - Warp - T3-T4 engines - Resurrection node - Two passenger seats for your friends - All containers are connected to the hub - Monitors with the Vortex Geometry logo. We can replace it with the logo of your organization or any other image, the service is available only with the purchase of token(s) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Key Features: - An excellent combination of the ship's cargo volume with its possible lift weight. - Good maneuvering and braking performance - Free HUD update when the ship is delivered to the VG shipyard - When you buy a token, you get a ship with the skill handling level (all lvl3) available in the game ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ !!! NOTICE !!! - Blueprints what we are sold it is non core blueprints - When ordering more than one token or BP, you get a discount 15%(BP) or 10%(Token) - All attributes check and fallow pilot & handling skill in lvl 3 - Please note that if you buy a blueprint, after deploy the ship, the characteristics may be different from those indicated here. If you build a ship, then your skills apply. But any time you can bring ship to our VG Shipyard and we boost your ship to all handling skill lvl3 free. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you have any questions, or want to make order - please PM in the discord. Or just join to our Vortex Geometry discord: https://discord.gg/JA9ePW9RrC

Token: 30 Mħ
BP: 5.5 Mħ

Eco Hauler



Cargo Lift: 300 t

Great little hauler good fuel Economy. 1M Container Contact me on discord for Token Sales.

Token: 12 Mħ
BP: 200 Kħ


Captains Customs - Ship Sales


Cargo Lift: 10,000 t

“And he strode forth unto the field, atop a white steed. Clad in shining mail, brandishing a burning sword, The men who had been busy at the work of war, Quieted themselves and began to quake in fear... For Death lurked among them... And he had come to teach them a lesson in battle.” Famed Aliothian Poet Implausible, in the dedication of his Vanguard. The Vanguard... What you see when you examine this ship for the first time is 160 meters of artistry. Of nuanced corners, elegantly placed artwork, detailed flying buttresses... What you come to realize over time, however, is that this ship is no show pony. It’s a Warhorse. One that has clad in mail, smacked in the face and fed a diet of high protein milkshakes and amphetamines. This Warhorse is pissed off and means business! With an armored core and safe room, two flight decks and a landing pad, and kilotons of armor, the Vanguard is the foundation of your navy. The rock on which to build your church. Your heavily militarized church... The Vanguard began life as a custom order. When a pair of slightly deranged ship buyers looked at the Valiant Battle Carrier and thought “..... you know what...that battleship needs more guns and armor...”. After he stopped crying, Master-shipwright Dragosphere stammered “...they’re right... the crazy bastards are right....” and proceeded to extend the Valiant in every dimension. The result... more than just a war machine of horrifying destructive power, more than just a statement or status symbol... He crafted the technological embodiment of a God of War! Come see it in person at Captain’s showroom 9km SouthWest of Alioth Market 16 ::pos{0,2,20.6263,110.9953,106.1835} or visit Captain’s Customs Ship Showroom in VR Captain’s Customs – Personifying Deities on demand!

BP: 75 Mħ

Hornet VarAC Mk I

LUF Industries


Max Speed: 1.701 km/h

The "Hornet VarAC Mk I" is an atmospheric Courier with space for small Cargo. If you want to buy some elements on the market and you need them quick - this is the answer. It will fly fast enough to do its job quickly - up to 1,700 km/h and lift more than 50t. You can transfer it easily to a pocket Ship - just let the containers away. The ship contains: 8x XS Container 2x Atmospheric Engines M Atmo Radar You can look at the ship in the Surrogate VR "LUF Showroom".

BP: 500 Kħ


Syndicate Inc.


Space Thrust: 1.12 MN

Razorback from Expanse tv show. Fairly quick in space, slow in atmo. VR: The Syndicate Shop BP can be purchased on Alioth near market 6. ::pos{0,2,31.6129,108.1439,2.4078}

BP: 3 Mħ

LSA Broken Arrow



Space Thrust: 4.04 MN

Many times the design for a ship doesn't need to be complicated to be effective and efficient! The Broken Arrow utilizes a sleek traditional shape and clever positioning for elements resulting in an impressive performance for the ship size. 5 small containers provide an excellent hauling capacity (space to add 2 more for 7 total) - she'll carry more than double her own weight in cargo with power to spare and low cost parts mean this ship won't break the bank if you happen to ding into anything during your adventures. FAST- because the weight is low this ship will do around 50k depending on skills and cargo. LOW COST- Uses basic engines all around (1L Atmo, 4M Space) keep the maintenance and fuel extremely low. This was my 'day one' ship, and still preferred daily choice. MISSION RUNNER SPECIALIST: This setup makes a fantastic mission runner ship for the 'Aileron Parts 180k' run. (Round Trip in 9 Min) . With a few pilot skills this missile can climb straight to space at 90 deg from standstill... is very lightweight so will stop on the dime or pull out of dives very easily. Use the 'Boom and Zoom' technique to loop down onto the mission turn-in before bouncing back up into space. Also makes a hilariously fun kamikaze ship for obvious reasons as well. *Ship Inspiration: One of those movies you watch about a hundred times as a kid, Broken Arrow (1996). Featured a unique plot where an air force colonel tries to steal a nuclear bomb. *Specifications listed reflect upgrades made AFTER initial ship/skills deployment. Setup shown here has Uncommon atmo and space engines. BLUEPRINT USES BASIC, so some performance related figures should be considered a bit less than shown here.

BP: 500 Kħ

Whippet Mk3



Space Thrust: 0.54 MN

The perfect Day 1 pilot planet hopper, designed to deliver a small amount of cargo from surface to surface - now offered completely FREE ! Make use of the S container to get that vital element or industry, mount a priority rescue of a fuel stranded org-mate, or just go sightseeing around our beautiful moons and asteroid belts. With its distinctive open frame cockpit, this is a fast and cost efficient vessel for your interplanetary needs. All stats are given with no placement and day 1 pilot talents - stats will only improve with talent training.

BP: 1 ħ

Freedom Class Hauler

Xeno Heavy Industries


Cargo Lift: 100 t

BP: 500 Kħ

Aiin MK1 DSAT Hauler



Space Thrust: 2.63 MN

Capable of 1000kmh in Alioth atmosphere with DSAT in cargo hold. Lots of atmo brake force will slow you down good for all of the bad re-entries you make. Stylish voxel design. Also includes a resurrection node in the cockpit. DM me for inquiry.

BP: 25 Kħ

The Levante - "real" sailboat



No attributes :-(

The Levante by Hagbard "A person without dreams is like a boat without sails..." The Levante is a sailboat that allows you to experience the wind, the waves, the ride and heeling of a sailboat in DU. Big portions of the voxelwork for the hull was done by Singularity org. **IMPORTANT: read the BP placing instructions below!** BP Dispensers are at Marina Hagbard: ::pos{0,2,38.3028,62.7694,34.7477} I am offering this BP a lot cheaper then usually as i want to see the seas of our planet full with boats, so that you're all able to enjoy this new kind of construct. Features: - accurate simulation of wind, waves and the sea - sails settable by "G" key in 4 levels Shift+G reduces Sail surface by 1/4 - 2 steering options either you can steer with a non centering rudder or with A/D controls similar to how other constructs are being steered. Switch during operation by pressing "Alt+1" - engine limited to marina use (when sails are down). thrust Limit applies(max 10%) - extensively tested on the seas of Alioth (other planets might require adjustments, contact me for assistance) - Wind (&Rudder) Indicator (visible for the helmsman) - configurable sail texts & colors (see LUA parameters) - HoverEngine Technology allows almost infinite fuel autonomy - the Levante is compactable, so take it on your next vacation by the sea ;-) Blueprint Instructions: - there is one manual step required after setting the BP. go to build mode and right click the backward facing hover engine. under Advanced=>"disable thrust along gravity" has to be selected for the backward facing hover engine - if you want to have the original light colors, set back left to "255,0,0" and back right to "0,255,0" front light: enable blinking and set on duration to 0.1 This could be used for Regattas as well, as the speed is defined by the skills of the skipper and his/her ability to find the best course for maximum performance Some "sailing tips": - the speed you can reach depends on your angle towards the wind. the faster you go the more "heel" you will get and the more active correction of your course will be required to stay on a straight line. - It is not possible to sail directly into the wind. To sail against the wind direction you have to "cross". - to moor at your pier the auxiliary engine can be used, but only when the sail is down. It is limited to 10% of max thrust. - if you do not have a proper pier yet, you can hover up a bit using the space bar to get the boat on your plattform... (better build yourself a small marina & pier) - the ECU should always be activated/armed. when you leave the helm, this will keep the boat from sinking to the ground. After jumping on your pier, quickly touch the boat to moore it to the pier. - if you find that the boat is unable to stay on the water surface, this is usually some physic bug in the client. just get out of the seat and try again (maybe after maneuvering the boat a bit) BP's will be made available again soon(TM)

BP: 2 Mħ


Space Force One


Space Thrust: 3.84 MN

Penance is part 2 of my VTOL Series. It is a small core warper meant for carrying yourself and a few others to another planet as cheaply as possible. This ship takes off vertically and then flips using the gyro to fly straight. Please let me know if you have any questions! Come Check out my showroom in VR at "Space Force One Showroom" or in person on Sinnen at ::pos{0,7,-71.1802,12.5390,155.3475}

BP: 3 Mħ




Cargo Space: 1.433 kL

space only hauler Features: 4 XL Advanced maneuver space engines 8 Container L 18 Retro-rocket brakes L 16 Vertical boosters L 48 Adjuster L Warp VR: Galactic shipyards

BP: 1 Mħ




No attributes :-(


BP: 3 Mħ

Belovator X

Super Powerful Pro Army


Cargo Lift: 10,000 t

The Belovator is a lightweight shaftless space elevator that flies along a gravity line to transport your cargo and players into space. You can comfortably transport your assets from the planet surface to a space station without having to rely on an annoying AGG tower with an hour-long ascend or fiddly autopilot ships. Load up with cargo, select the target floor, wait, dock - unload! Belovator X: - 10 kilotonnes of cargo lift from the surface of Alioth without any piloting skills/talents - 20x Basic Container L - 80x Advanced Military Atmo Engine L - 32x Advanced Military Space Engine L - 20x Advanced Maneuver Space Engine L - 4x Advanced Maneuver Atmo Engine L - M Core Stats are for unskilled pilots, cargo lift depends heavily on pilot skills. The lifting capability improves dramatically for a pilot with just lvl 2+ talents on atmo engines. The configuration of the elevator is done via Lua parameters and is limited to a few parameters to keep the complexity simple. Control of the elevator via touchscreen and/or HUD with very few buttons. Blueprint Dispensers available at: Alioth Exchange (Red Hall) ::pos{0,0,-18731.9282,113461.5807,-74350.4380} SPPA Alioth Showroom ::pos{0,2,34.3389,111.0206,0.6303} You can also take a look at our space elevators at our WIP Showroom on Alioth. Surrogate: SPPA Alioth Shop If you want to test one of the Belovators in advance, contact us in Discord and we will give you access. If you have any questions or need support, feel free to join our Support Discord. There we provide a FAQ, how to set up your Belovator properly and how to place a spacecore with correct alignment to the elevator. https://discord.gg/MbRPe8GujN

BP: 15 Mħ
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