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Karp S



Cargo Lift: 200 t

The Karp is a small scale, warp-capable hauler/courier built to be easily flown by new and veteran pilots alike. With its clean angles, plentiful of thrust and lift this ship carries your goods throughout the universe at a fairly low cost. The ship comes preloaded with custom script to control the interior and exterior lights and door, all configurable via parameters. Note: Token prize is approximate and changes based on market at the time of purchase.

Token: 7 Mħ
BP: 2 Mħ


Violent Industries


No attributes :-(

Check it out in VR : Violent Prototype

BP: 25 Mħ

Roid Runner

Broke Skull Ship Shop


Cargo Space: 460.8 kL

Space only asteroid hauler ready to drain for a long days work of asteroid mining. Light weight simple design, easy access to DSAT. 3 large containers for cargo and 3 smalls for the warpcells and scrap 2 Uncommon Military space Xl's and 4 Advanced Military space engines for plenty of power @ 14.9g's Currently only a safe space version could be easily converted to pvp space needs if desired upon commission. Vr over to Broken Skull SS to check it out.

BP: 10 Mħ

TIE Bomber



No attributes :-(

Gherkin Galactic Tie Bomber. "When the TIE bombers first started shelling Yavin 4, I thought the planet would crack right open. Those egg layers leveled the jungle." BP ONLY SOLD IN BUNDLES OF 12 AND 72 20 million for a Squadron (12) 80 Million for a Wing (72). See my profile for more upcoming ships!

Token: 3.5 Mħ
BP: 1.11 Mħ

KXS Warp Shuttle

Aerogics S & T Co


Cargo Lift: 60 t

A XS core warp shuttle, with 4 passenger seats and 60t cargo capacity (1g), light weight for cheap warping costs. Design is clean and very slim, (16 voxels height ) with a bunch of voxelmancy work. Can be seen on VR: Aerogics Showroom *** Updates *** september 21: now a free blueprint june 21: lowered price, updated scripts

BP: 1 ħ

V2B Assault Specter

UEF Ships


No attributes :-(

Weapons: 2 XS Cannons, 2 S Missiles Assault dropship. Seats 6, carries 1t Ammo and 2 Rocket Boosters. Purchase at NQ-provided UEF stores at each market in-game.

Token: 2.98 Mħ

The Flying Saucer

Ship Stains


No attributes :-(

It's a space game..... everyone needs a flying saucer right? Feel free to visit "Ship stains ore store" on VR to take a closer look at this ship. Blue prints are also for sale at the dispensers at this location. I currently dont have the ability to do tokenized ships, but if you do purchase this ship and build one, if you wanted to reskin it, bring the honeycomb over that you want and i can reskin for you. Just hit me up in game or on discord :) Dispenser and showroom pos- ::pos{0,2,-1.6152,-178.7434,20.9348} Showroom VR: "Ship stains ore store"

BP: 1 Mħ

MPV Jumper



Space Thrust: 1.5 MN

Cheap Jumper with small crago, 10 warpcells/500 su. No pilotingskills needed for Alioth/Sanct. All handlingskills included. With atmo radar for scavenging and space radar for pipescans.

Token: 5 Mħ

HagBully mini PRO



Max Speed: 1,009 km/h

The Hagbully Pro is the No compromise version of the Hagbully Mini. Fly with style.. fly a HagBully Pro Even though this is a "miniature ship", you can fly it as your daily Pocketable ship. It is fast, using its rare engine pimped to lvlv 5. It can VTOL to land on your AGG ship, land at a crowded market, rescue a ship from the atmosphere etc. Did i mention it has working brake lights as well? It's underwater mode allows it to "fly" like a submarine ( maybe consider getting the yellow version if you go unerwater regulary ;-) WIth its Autolevel and Alt Hold Mode it has the comfort you expect in a pocket ship from Hagbard ;-) Rare Military Engine Atmo Radar Seats 2. Hagmatic Flight SW: - VTOL Mode ( with force field work plattform and postionion HJold without Pilot - Autolevel, Altitude Hold - Underwater Mode For the token Version you can choose any of the colors in the picture. There is even enough space left to add a Bonsai tree ( decoration not included in purchase)

Token: 7 Mħ
BP: 5 Mħ

ISC Celestia Mk1



Max Speed: 1,086 km/h

Deluxe Super Light Warp Ship We like to introduce you into the ISC Celestia Mk1! This is a super light deluxe warp shuttle. Not only the raw statistics shows you this is a fast warp ship. Even the exterior with thin lines, the thin looking hull, fast and luxury design and the open warp drive tells everybody you travel faster than anybody of their class. Like you can see in the pictures we made, you are able to travel within seconds from Alioth orbit towards Madis orbit within seconds for only two warp cells. Lacobus is the furthest known planet in our new solar system from Alioth and ftl travel only takes 10 warp cells. No piloting skills required to get off atmo from Alioth. Need to bring some cargo? 12 kL of cargo space is available! Somebody crashed into your ship and damaged some systems? Dorian's Damage Report installed to tell the other pilot what to repair! Want to calculate your warp cell costs without entering seat? Warp Cell Calculator also installed and even reachable from your piloting seat. Want to take your friends for a ride? Bring up to four of them to sit inside your ship! Every piloting element like the military atmo engines or the military space engine was put down with technician skills level 4 except the space fuel tank. You can choose between a red version with the noble red linings or the blue version with the luxury blue linings. Custom colors for extra quanta depending on hull or linings possible. Pre Installed LUA scripts are Dimencia Orbital HUD and Damage Report and the Warp Cell Calculator. Location on Alioth: ::pos{0,2,27.8150,121.2741,107.9929} Surrogate Pod: ISC Showroom Alioth 1

Skip mk 1



Space Thrust: 1.1 MN

The skip is a part of the S-line of ships,in fact it is the first one of its line This ship is a warp shuttle for getting schematics or to travel to friends There are 2 versions of this , one that has tier 2 military atmo engines, and another one that has tier 2 maneuver atmo engines i would advice to use the military version , as i can personally barely leave alioth with the maneuvers and i have near maxed talents in piloting Also this ship hull shape has made the handling characteristics not optimal but then again this one is more about the looks , if you want handling take a look at the D-line version called Discovery Do note prices depend on market and if you are interested in getting current prices, you can ask in DU-creators discord or in-game from me You can visit my Ship showroom to take a look at my other ships VR:Forerunner ship showroom Updated 04.09.2021

Token: 12 Mħ




Cargo Lift: 1,000 t

BamBam is a M core rescue ship, has vtol, agg and warp. Easy to fly, and very handy ship to have. Large pad ontop for bringing other ships along with you, or to rescue those hard to reach ships blow up in atmo. Not a hauler, but with the agg it can carry quite a bit. Can be seen in vr: SmileWorld note: Token will take a day or so to make

Token: 35 Mħ
BP: 10 Mħ

Monkey Business



Max Speed: 701 km/h

A new class of getting it done hauling, Loco Built, Built Tough! With 10x Large Containers for all your ores, As well as 2x Large containers for hauling your scanning ship. This machine provides all your needs for mining. With an AGG for getting off any planet, no matter the gravity. The creature comforts you would come to expect from a long haul miner. Custom scripts providing: Fuel Status, Damage Status, Warp Cell costing (if you fit a drive), AGG control, Container loading Amounts as well as door controls and Emergency warning lights to signal your crew to battle stations. Come visit us ingame through VR @ Carbon Customs Ship Yard or make use of our landing facilities @ ::pos{0,8,57.1783,-48.5501,45.1535} Purchase of this BP includes free delivery to Teoma or any of the Safe zone planets. If you are based on another planet, a small fee applies to delivery. If you wish to purchase, send an ingame message or discord message.

BP: 5 Mħ

UD4L Cheyenne Dropship

The Alien Ant


Max Speed: 1,049 km/h

DU replica of the UD-4L Cheyenne Dropship from the film Aliens. The ship is coloured in black as there aren't any good looking matte military green honeycomb in the game currently. This dropship has togglable vertical atmospheric engines that uses Alt+9 to toggle the VTOL capability on and off. Switching off the VTOL capability during flight will save a lot of fuel and mitigates the former problem of VTOLs draining the fuel tanks. Now you'll only need VTOL capability during take off or landing and can switch off the vertical engines during flight. For an overview of the dropship, you can view the testing and features of the dropship in this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4MAYsLxLCs NOTES: Cargo Lift: 1kt to space from Alioth (with the use of a drop pod - Shown in video). Sustentation Speed: Ship shows 0kmh sustentation speed because of the vertical engines. VTOL: Powered by 6 Advanced Maneuver Atmospheric Engines L (2 second warm up time without skills) Forward Thrust: Powered by 5 Advanced Military Atmospheric Engines. Hover: No hover engines but Vertical Boosters give 3.17g of low altitude lift. Combined with VTOL, gives a total of 5.42g of low altitude lift. ATMO STATS: Max Thrust: 5.4g Brake Force: 22.7g Max Speed: 1049 kmh Low Altitude Lift: 5.42g High Altitude Lift: 4.92g (Airfoils: 2.67g - Vert Engines: 2.25g) SPACE STATS Max Thrust: 3.17g Brake Force: 7.15g Low Altitude Lift: 3.17g If you'd like to visit the Hive Industries Ship Showroom, you can VR to our location by searching for 'Hive Market'. Alternatively, you can visit Hive Industries HQ to check on current builds and ships at: ::pos{0,2,-2.7802,-90.8015,-0.0000}

Token: 15 Mħ
BP: 1.5 Mħ

Puddle Jumper



Cargo Lift: 0 t

The Puddle Jumper is a compactible pocket ship that resembles a dumpy jet plane. It was designed to stay flat and take you places quickly. I hope you enjoy this craft as much as I do. Dimencia 5.453 hud. Location to buy: ::pos{0,2,-1.0032,21.8649,56.4437}

BP: 1 ħ
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