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Freyr Class AES 01 (a.k.a. Ente 04)



Cargo Lift: 4,000 t

Chewie_1 - 02/11/2023 3:47 PM "Ich weiss jetzt wie ich den Fluch der 04 breche... ich mach mit der 05 weiter ^^" So the Ente 04 was doomed to never be finished. Saedow was not willing to accept the fact Chewie had abandoned this cursed Ente 4 project, so he went to see Chewie while he was working on the Ente 05 [which eventually became the Ente 06 and finally the Ente 07]. Saedow asked Chewie "would you mind if I revive it without your help? put an AESIR twist to the ship?" and Chewie replied "here is a drm free blueprint, do whatever you want with it". That was on the 3rd of April. Today, the 23rd of May, the ship is finally finished after 50 days of work and love. AESIR named it the Freyr Class. The Flying Dutchman would also have been an appropriate name... Come and see, all you Noveans; this ship that should not be! *************************************************************************************** Please visit our showroom on Alioth. Location ::pos{0,2,-0.9574,165.7031,7.4461} Or visit in VR with the name: AESIR showroom *************************************************************************************** Special thanks to T1mb0h and Krienas for all the support they gave me finishing this difficult project. And of course special thanks to Chewie, who let me inherit his "verfluchte" project. ******************************************************************************************* TIP! also visit the AESIR Yardsale on Alioth. Location: ::pos{0,2,-1.1581,166.0308,-0.0001} We have M cores there sometimes, just for you to pick up (you buy the token). Or visit it in VR with the name: AESIR Yardsale *******************************************************************************************

BP: 7.5 Mħ

Rascal - cheap and fast

RCG Corporation


Space Thrust: 4.56 MN

Need a fast and cheap Space Shuttle? Fly to Asteroids in the PvP Zone with the Rascal and ninja some Ore! Its has a max Speed of 48500kmh to outrun any usual PvP Meta Ship chasing you and a very small cross section of only 25,6m³ makes you even very hard to hit while accelerating! A Rare Capacity Shield Generator S will buy you some time to accelerate as well. This Ship is ideal for starting from a Mothership at the PvP Zone Border. I would suggest the ideal load for this Ship would be 140t, wich would be for example around 40kL of Chromite. Dont fly alone, there are 2 additional seats where your friends can take place. If things go bad and you still get shot, its not a big deal because of the cheap building costs. All Elements are available on the market for under 1.8m Quanta. The Rascal will be available at the Fly in Event on the Starlantis Space Station on March 1. --- Buy Locations --- -- Alioth ::pos{0,2,12.8827,97.8847,-0.0001} VR : Locura Distribution Sales -- Haven ::pos{0,27,-54.7124,-48.7342,157.2570} VR: RCG Showroom

BP: 100 Kħ

Nephilym AGG



Cargo Lift: 5,000 t

The Nephilym is the "little brother" to the Infinity Corporation Behemoth hauler. Armed with 8 medium railguns, and 1-3 meters of steel armor, you can safely transport up to 5000 tones from the ground to space. Large Rockets will get you to AGG minimum height on Alioth with up to 5000 tones. This ship makes a great Missions runner! NOTE: the token cost reflects the current best market value of all the elements as of 11/4/2022

Token: 100 Mħ
BP: 10 Mħ


Captains Customs - Ship Sales


Cargo Space: 1,500 kL

Centuries in the Making Exceptional, elegant, exquisite, excess, elite - “The Nautilus” Truly exceptional in every way. When you have become bored with the redundant and tiresome offerings of other “luxury craft/vessel designers” and you require something that that lets everyone around you know that you’ll crush them with your wallet... The newest offering from Captain’s Customs is sure to send a message to your self-touted hoity-toity acquaintances. The Nautilus from Captains Customs can satisfy even the most discerning of naval and interstellar ship buyers. Are you tired of your rivals trying to make bigger and bigger yachts so they can look down on you from the top deck? The Nautilus has you covered. The Nautilus can ascend into the sky and means you'll always be the one with an upturned nose. Why keep a yacht on every planet with an ocean view when you could use one vessel to see them all! When choosing the wood for the Nautilus, only the most unique and expressive grain patterns are retained. We clear-cut an entire old-growth forest and used only the most beautiful pieces of wood. The rest were burned, to make sure nobody else has the same unique wood pattern on anything else. Truly one of a kind. The outer hull of the Nautilus is painstakingly polished by only the most beautiful people in the world, each of them leading the life of royalty with their only duty being to ensure our surface finish is utterly spotless. Only the softest, daintiest, and gentle hands have ever touched the mirrored chromium surface of the Nautilus. We know that our buyers are more wealthy, and vastly more intelligent than those purchasing from our competitors. We know that such powerful and prestigious people require complete privacy and that is why the floors and walls of the Nautilus are completely soundproof. Even a gunshot would sound like little more than a soft tap from the next room over, let alone the comparatively tiny volume of a person screaming in terror. A great party space isn't complete without a chandelier to draw attention and give your guests something to look up at. Something that represents you looking down at them from on high, to let them know who's the most powerful. The chandeliers in the Nautilus are created out of the finest crystalware. We have the most renowned glassblowers in the world, each of them a world-class artist. They create a line of glassware that a gallery could be founded around, and then we smash their work into pieces. The priceless glass art is then used to create a stunning chandelier that will only ever be seen by your guests instead of displayed for the unwashed masses in a gallery. Nautilus - Each ship will be engraved with the model number. Nautilus 1 - Argatum Nautilus 2 - Rexsilex Nautilus 3 - Lexifer Nautilus 4 - Narse Nautilus 5 - HammyHammy Nautilus 6 - Sammy Nautilus 7 - Rocky_ Nautilus 8 - Jack Trent Nautilus 9 - MrDragonfx Nautilus 10 - Galactic Trade Federation Nautilus 11 - BrewAndPew Nautilus 12 - WJRM75 Nautilus 13 - Sharkey Nautilus 14 - Landmark Explorer Nautilus 15 - Wadicorp Nautilus 16 - [RAO]Crazyhorse68 Nautilus 17 - GEEKsogen Nautilus 18 - GEEKsogen Nautilus 19 - GEEKsogen Nautilus 20 - wokka Nautilus 21 - Casino Nautilus 22 - Samhain Nautilus 23 - Cloud 9 Nautilus 24 - Captain Miller Nautilus 25 - Seripis Nautilus 26 - Seripis Raffle Nautilus 27 - Titanic Nautilus 28 - Jewel of the Sky Nautilus 29 - Dunavant Nautilus 30 - Gibybo Nautilus 31 - Gibybo Nautilus 32 - Chris S Nautilus 33 - TaylorBud Nautilus 34 - Albatros Nautilus 35 - Slowdroid Nautilus 36 - Wicked Wonderland Nautilus 37 - Omega28.36 Nautilus 38 - JustBlaze Nautilus 39 - Powerball Nautilus 40 - Mr. Pants Nautilus 41 - Canuckl3head Nautilus 42 - Spacedolpin - Each sale will both increase the price (5M) and the model number Nautilus 43 - BP Price 120M Come see us in person at Captain’s showroom 12km Southwest of Alioth Market 16 ::pos{0,2,19.3636,110.1164,13.5872} or visit Captain’s Customs Ship Showroom in VR

BP: 120 Mħ

DSD Bruce

Darkstar Divisions


Atmo Thrust: 1.28 MN

After learning that fish were friends not food, Bruce decided to bring his killer instinct and talent elsewhere so he contacted DSD for a little upgrade on the ol' hardware. This pocketrocket is perfect for fast trips to the market, flying over to the dome with a little flare, or full RP immersion with underwater flying on Jago. Whatever your needs are the new and improved Bruce will surely aim to please. This aquatic predator is now looking to rule the skies, it can push speeds over 1400km/h (with piloting talents) with no atmo burn while still managing to stop on a dime and turn like a dream. Get where you gotta go with ease, in style and with speed. All tokens come with lvl 4 and 5 placement skills.

Token: 1.75 Mħ
BP: 500 Kħ

A-Team Van (GMC Vandura)



Max Speed: 1,800 km/h

Does it even need introduction? It has advanced military engines on it and it can do 1800km/h in atmo without even starting to burn, which is quite impressive! There are 4 extra seats so you can carry friends around in style. If you take space engines and space fuel tank off, then you can turn it into a pocket rocket!

BP: 300 Kħ

Seawing S20



Cargo Lift: 800 t

The Seawing S20 is an Old-Earth Hybrid Heavy Lift Long Range Transport Aircraft. Predating the founding of Seawing Hypersonics, the S20 takes a different philosophy to moving payloads to space. Whether empty or hauling a kiloton the massive amalgam wing's custom tuned aerodynamics do all of the work, enabling a steady climb even with the nose NOT raised above the horizon. The wing itself is capable of safely deorbiting payloads up to 3,500t, providing almost 48MN of lifting force. The ship remains highly agile even while hauling its recommended payload of 800t. Designed as a platform for various modules, the dorsal docking port on the S20 supports the attachment of additional cargo pods, the S10 or S32 Scout ships, a DSAT module, or a Tri Scanner. Featuring two crew positions and two jumpseats, the S20 interior is designed to be cozy and make the most of a minimal floorplan with a workhorse aesthetic. The cockpit view is good to excellent, with effort made in ensuring good visibility at all head angles. Modern S20's have been refit with Moltres™ shield technology, enabling them to withstand reentry and atmospheric cruising speeds that would destroy all but the most advanced of its peers. With the refit shield in place, they are capable of hypersonic cruising speeds of 8000+km/h in atmosphere.

BP: 899 Kħ

Drake Vulture Mark II



Cargo Lift: 3,500 t

Please Find the Brand New Morning Star, A product of Outer Rim Expedition made by TiWill33. This M core ship is a Hauler, that can handle 3,5 kT of Alioth to space Our Team is proud to announce you that the new Shop will open near Market 6 ! Token already available contact TiWill33 on discord ! : Tiwill33#5273 SHOP : ::pos{0,2,33.0203,117.0489,-23.3137} VR : OUTER RIM SHOWROOM You still can find us at Market 12 of course !


X-Wing (small core)

Loaded Industries (NEW LOCATION)


Space Thrust: 1.81 MN

A must for any star wars fan for your collection this small core X-WING is a fun run around and easily customized to how ever you like, you can make it a warp shuttle with ease a warp drive fits perfectly hidden in the nose of the ship more room for extra fuel tanks if you wised in upper engine bays maybe even add more engines inbetween wings, a pvp version, comes with 3 small containers for quick light market runs, the standard military does around 1000km depending on your skills and with rare military engines it will do around 1200km burning but no damage so has to be limited, you could also remove the space engines and make atmos only version with standard military engines and it will do the 1200km with ease, theres lots of possibility, stats speed shown are from the rare military engine version, YOU CAN CHECK-OUT IN VR seacrh loaded industries showroom, do not buy bp's in vr

BP: 500 Kħ


Dream Designs by Ristlin


Cargo Lift: 2,000 t

Introducing the Pathfinder, S-core mission runner able to do the heavy "special" missions with ease for pilots with average skills. Featuring full sets of advanced military engines, 4 L containers, lvl 4/5 boosts, and warp drive. Features: - Updated warp map and warp calculator - 3-axis movement in 0g environments - Container monitor - Atmospheric and space radar - Latest version of ArchHUD - Dedicated support Discord with Lifetime support, upgrade program, and hull replacement program. - 329,000 km/h dV Update log: 11/17/22 - BP price reduction to 3m

Token: 30 Mħ
BP: 3 Mħ

Switch blade



Cargo Lift: 5,000 t

This Medium Luxury hauler is an economical Head turner that is just fun to fly. and plenty of interior room to add extra cargo or equipment. also includes cargo display screens and scripts for quick reference to your cargo to by the shop and take a tour!

Token: 55 Mħ
BP: 13 Mħ


Titan Aerospace


Cargo Space: 13,824 kL

Deliverance from Titan Aerospace is the Flagship of our line-up. Note: The LUA will need to be set up to your prefered flight scripts etc as it still has some older LUA on which im not sure still works. I've not been able to test this ship since launch because of the spawn cost, but im happy to help with any issues should you find any. With 19 Expanded XL cargo containers its designed to move significant volumes of cargo in comfort. The 4 spacious crew cabins have an un-paralleled view of the system with privacy shutters for those, personal, moments. The front multi purpose mounts (shown with rails placed) can take a weapon or an EX XL container, allowing for 2 extra containers to be placed for even more storage. Placements have been made available for 2 gunner positions (although a 3rd could be added giving 10 lasers and 3 rails), allowing for a defensive system of lasers and rail guns. From the captain’s chair emergency lights can be activated, as well as the lights for the 2 landing pads towards the rear of the ship, one with a retractable landing area. The 2 landing pads have an L container each, so RDMS can be set up for guests to refuel, rearm or repair without needing to access the main containers. For those that wish to fly first person a small roof bridge is accessible from the combat bridge. There are 2 maintenance access doors leading to the core and inner workings of the ship to allow for internal repairs. The BP provided is set up with weapons and T3 engines.

BP: 20 Mħ

B14 Airspeeder



Max Speed: 780 km/h

B14 Airspeeder, a quick transport for cruising through the city. Come Visit our showroom ::pos{0,2,38.3555,108.5520,156.5249}

BP: 50 Kħ

Black Icarus (supersonic)



Space Thrust: 11 MN

Black Icarus is my first supersonic heat-resistant ship build, it's cheap to make, but packs a punch! It's designed as fast travel ship as it can do 3000+km/h in atmosphere without taking heat damage. It uses specialized heat shield to prevent heat damage, see it in action on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kps0fKjOGPo This ship is good for running your daily errands quickly! It has enough cargo capactiy and lift to be able to carry stuff from/to markets and you can also do some surface mining. it takes 30-60 minutes to fill the cargo with ore when surface mining (depending on areas and talents) and that's something that most people are willing to do and this ship is perfect for those runs, it can circle entire alioth in under 10 minutes. It's not perfect as this was my first supersonic ship and you might break a wing or brake here and there, but just take it easy and you'll be fine. making sudden / sharp turns while going supersonic can cause more damage, so when going supersonic, keep it as steady as possible. I highly recommend custom hud with altitude hold capabilites, because it's most effective at about 1-2% atmo, you can keep throttle at about 10% and it will go 3000+ easily, while barely spending any fuel. I used this ship for my daily errands for a week before i had to refuel. It's rather cheap to build and uses all the basic parts. NOTE - i have NOT tested cargo lift, but based on stats, it should be able to do about 1200 tons depending on talents. I think most i ever did was 700t and it didn't have any issues.

BP: 620 Kħ

Odin class AES 01



Cargo Lift: 1,000 t

The Odin class AES 01, manufactured with high technician skills, an incredibly strong S-core freighter, easy to pilot. I personally took 775 tons of Hematite from Alioth to space and landed the ship on return with ease on Alioth. It is also a luxurious comfortable home when you're traveling in the vast ocean of space. The ship contains: warp drive, shield generator, possibilities to weaponize and expand storage, elevators, master bedroom, guest room, medical facility, VR facilities, automatic landing gear and more. *************************************************************************************** Please visit our showroom on Alioth. Location ::pos{0,2,-0.9574,165.7031,7.4461} Or visit in VR with the name: AESIR showroom *************************************************************************************** This ship was greatly inspired by the art of Damphousse. He has seen this ship and loved my work. Although he was ok with me copying his style of ships, I will find my own style for future ships. ******************************************************************************************* TIP! also visit the AESIR Yardsale on Alioth. Location: ::pos{0,2,-1.1581,166.0308,-0.0001} We have M cores there sometimes, just for you to pick up (you buy the token). Or visit it in VR with the name: AESIR Yardsale *******************************************************************************************

BP: 1.25 Mħ
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